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The Highest Step-Mother.

Updated on March 15, 2011


The Highest Stepmother.


Freshly aborted
due to health concerns
that her earth mother suffered,
she napped on a cloud in heaven's nursery.

She was marked by a thorn-less rose
for all the thousands of ladies above
who died childless and were seeking
a life after death besides their own.

Oh, how they cooed and sighed as they
passed this far too early arrival from earth,
each eager to hold it
and share a love they never got to.

Plus raising babies in heaven was so easy,
no diapers, no illness, no feeding, burping,
potty training or colic, just pure love.

God stood in the shadow of a huge golden column,
and watched to see which lady would shed a tear,
over the chance for such a wondrous gift of flesh.

Even though there was no crying in heaven,
he knew that some souls were so kind,
that even in utopia, they could be moved
by such a stirring as this orphaned child.

Soon enough one young lady wept a single tear,
and was made the babies mother,
and angels sang a lullaby as she held it,
in her oh, so lonely arms.


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