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The Household of the Elijah's

Updated on March 11, 2013

Our Spiritual Inheritance comes from Father

Papa Sam Soleyn is Leon Elijah's Spiritual Father
Papa Sam Soleyn is Leon Elijah's Spiritual Father

Apostle Sam Soleyn

I met Papa Sam in 2007 November, after much searching for what the Lord was busy working in me. I have been lisenting to his messages and was totally transformed with the message of the Culture of Kingdom and sonship and the Grace that attended this loving and gentle man. I was searching for the Truth and there before me stood Papa Sam, in the fullest expression of a Father I have ever seen.

My confirmation came to me that He was my spiritual father, when I was leaving on the last night after he had ministered, we were standing in a cue to greet him, I walked towards him and I hugged him and then he kissed me in the exact way that I kiss my children. I remember bursting into tears, we were holding each other for what seemed like forever and tears was streaming down my face, because the night before I had just asked the Lord to show me who spiritual father was and that sign would be that He must kiss me in the same way that I kiss my children.

This was no coincidence, no human intervention, this was a totally a spiritual connection. This is how every son must be joined to his spiritual father, a pure act of the Holy Spirit, no human intervention whatsoever. Spirit to spirit.

Now all that we enjoy as our spiritual inheritance was prepared by Papa Sam 23 years ago, today being the 04 August 2009, Reign Zion's Birthday. We are enjoying the fruit of his labour and are building on what he had already set up for us. In 1988 Papa Sam lost all that he possessed in the Market Crash, left his Church when he knew that it was time to live from the Throne of the Father in the Kingdom and pioneered Kingdom Culture of which we enjoy today.

We remain forever greatful to Sam & Lucy for their tremendous sacrifice of love that they have made for us his spiritual son and I can confidently say that, ''As for me and my Household we will serve the Lord".

The Family Line extended with Leon & Jennifer Elijah

Leon Elijah and Grace Jennifer Elijah
Leon Elijah and Grace Jennifer Elijah

The Arrangement of the House of God into Spiritual Families

If for whatever reason you have been feeling restless in your spirit and have come to the startling reality that there must be more to Church life than you are presently experiencing, more than just attending the programs of the Pastoral Ministry Team on a Sunday morning, then you are among the thousands of other saints that have been feeling the exact same way as yourself. In 2006 the stirring of the Holy Spirit in my heart led me in the current direction that I now find myself. I’m perfectly situation on a collision course with the final destination for the Church in the mind of God. That end is the Kingdom and HOLY NATION of the Sons of God.

This Holy Nation finds its arrangement in the Old Testament example of the Patriarch Abraham and has been glaring at us in the face with pages of genealogical record of fathers begetting sons and sons becoming fathers and begetting more sons and so on and so forth. This is all summed up for us in the promise of restoration in last Book of the Old Testament in Malachi 4:5 I will send the Spirit of Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the Fathers back to the sons and the hearts of the sons back to the fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. I am so glad that the earth will not be struck by God with a curse because his restorative purpose of building His Spiritual Family on the earth has begun.

This Spiritual Household of Elijah and its sons has found its purpose in Malachi 4:5, that is to eradicate the culture of the orphan & widow from the earth and restore the Spirit of the Father back to its rightful place in creation, so that the righteous order of the Kingdom can once again be reinstated and the formation of the Holy Nation can begin to be Assembled into spiritual families under the watchful eyes of spiritual fathers. These spiritual families will grow into many spiritual families which will fold into Clans that will explode into Tribes that will be numbered among the innumerable Tribes and tongues that will become the spiritual HOLY NATION. We form part of the greater Tribe of Soleyn.

If you feel connected to this mandate and vision of the Spiritual Father of this Household that is detailed out in my Profile Page on my Hub-pages then maybe this is the Family that the Holy Spirit wants you to be a part of. This family only receives sons that are begotten by the Holy Spirit and fitted into this Household. There is no membership certificate or application form that you can complete. If you believe that you need to find you way back home to the Father and you know that you have been neglecting your sonship and this is not the spiritual family then you cannot rest until you find your Father’s House. For you will forever be in lack of a mature identity in Christ and a sense of belonging in unconditional love until to find your Spiritual Father Household.

Let the journey begin for you...

Grace, Peace, Love & Mercy

Leon Elijah


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