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The Impact Pageants Have On Children

Updated on September 6, 2016

Do you feel pageants have a positive or negative impact on children?

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There are a lot of controversial opinions on putting children in pageants. In this HUB I would like to debunk (in a sense) any poor thoughts on the subject. I know the show “Toddlers & Tiaras” has given a sickening feeling to a lot of people. For example, how could someone dress their daughter up like that, how could a person take a 3 year old and make them look like a teenager, how could someone be crazy enough to put that much makeup or fake hair on a poor child, or even how could someone dress their children so scandalously?

There was a time when these thoughts came from my mind, I never had any real knowledge or even interest in the pageant system. Yet my daughter at the age of 3 started asking to be in pageants, all because she saw a sign for one in our local mall. She begged and begged to be in one, when finally I decided to let her try out the pageant that was being advertised in the mall. This specific pageant system was the “Sunburst”. Although my daughter said she loved it she was disappointed in the outcome, yet she was hooked! She wanted to do another pageant! I on the other hand was very unsure about it. I mean it was expensive, she only got to go on stage once, and there were a crazy amount of people there! I mean it was in the middle of the mall. That and the fact that they advertized everyone is a winner, she got a extremely small cheap tiara and trophy. The only thing that upset my daughter was that she did not receive a sash.

Yet my daughter again was begging to be in another pageant, for almost two years she begged me, but I did not want to go back to that particular pageant system and thought they had ruined the idea of even putting my daughter in another pageant ever. Then my cousin told me about a pageant system she put her daughter in called “America's Best Pageant”. I decided to go ahead and give it another shot. I mean if it is something that my daughter wants to do then I should attempt to make her happy, right? I had no knowledge on how the whole process worked, I mean this pageant system was not just a go on stage one time in one dress. It was the real deal! To my comfort though it was a natural beauty system, as compared to what you would see on “Toddlers & Tiaras” which was a glitz pageant system. (Although they have been featured on the show, yet in this episode it is not a bunch of craziness.)

Here my daughter is nothing but excited yet my nerves are sky high! So many things were running through my mind! How many times does she go on stage? How many outfits does she need to wear? Does she need to have a routine planned out? How much is this going to cost? What are all the extra options, what do they entail? And so many more questions going through my mind.

My cousin and my aunt did the best the could to try to answer my million questions, but I was still confused. That is when I started to talk to the director of the pageant. Yes the director herself! I was amazed just at this fact. She was able to break everything down for me to where I could understand exactly what it meant. She was extremely friendly and more than willing to help me and answer any and all questions I had about my daughters upcoming pageant. Not to mention it was very reasonably priced! For going on stage twice in two different outfits and all the extra options it was not breaking my bank account! Also the fact that each child receives at least one tiara, trophy, and sash! She had pictures of previous pageants on her Facebook page which showed that it was not going to be a cheap tiara and trophy, you would actually get your moneys worth.

After my daughter did her first pageant with “America's Best Pageant” I noticed a change in her. She was not as shy as she used to be, she was making a lot more friends (not counting the ones she made at the pageant), she was more outgoing overall. Her self confidence skyrocketed! With each and every pageant she has been in with this system I see her grow; I see her evolve into a confident, brave little girl! I could not be happier with the outcome of it! Not to mention the friends she has made, the friends I have made. Within this pageant system its like a little family. So many people willing to help out, and all of the directors are amazing people who want to see your children grow.

My views on pageants have definitely changed. How could they not when I have had nothing but positive experiences with this particular pageant system! I now strongly recommend for people to put their children in a pageant, especially if they are shy or have self confidence issues. Do not just take it from me, I have only had experience with two pageant systems, but take it from these personal experiences and stories about the impact of putting their children in pageants has had on them.

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“I believe it helps with self esteem and teaches them to not be afraid to have to be or to talk in front of a group of people which is something they will possibly have to do their whole also teaches them the good in helping out less fortunate because of the donating to charities a lot of them do”, Candy Wilderman, Illinois.

“I think its great as long as you find the right pageants... i love beautiful me because they make sure all the kids feel good and leave with a son did a little Mister when he was younger and didn't win anything and felt like he was not good enough.”, Brittany Thomas, Indiana.

“ I think it's great for my son not only to build his self esteem but to also show people that boys and girls can do anything that they set their mind to even though a majority of the people participating is one sex doesn't mean the other sex can't do it. I also think that it will help them when it comes to school so they can be outgoing and confident. Pageants help kids interact with each other and get to know other children of all different ages. It's great for a mother/father bond.”, Jazzmin Grove, Illinois.

“My niece Kaelynn and I just discussed this. She use to be so self Conscious about her smile because she has gaps. She lights up on stage and smiles like not a care in the world. She has overcame this and now won't do a pageant if Miss Lisa and miss Jessi aren't involved. She loves Beautiful me and I do too! While i was younger I had competed in several pageant systems and we fell in love with Cover Miss, while we didn't think we would find another system, Lisa Boyer has proved me wrong. Excellent system!”, Amishia Kreft, Indiana.

“ I asked almost the same question to my friend Natasha before I even got my child involved, because her and her daughter has been doing pageants for a long time now, I wont forget what she said " Pageants helps to build positive attitudes in children so they are better prepared to meet every day challenges. Pageantry encourages setting goals, builds friendships and good sportsman ship.”, Tina Maurer, Illinois.

“Pageants have great impact! My daughter was encouraged by a teacher to do one. She thought it would help her to break out of her introverted self. She has only done 4 but her confidence builds each time. Contrary to popular belief she has made great friends! We both have! We have been to some neat places and our bond with each has grown. Its fun to get away and spend a few days together. The biggest impact won't be seen for years thought. The life long lessons that she will learn will be vital to the young lady she is becoming. I would love to answer this again in 10 years! I just know pageants will shape who Abby is becoming.”, Jennifer Reddicks, Illinois.

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I hope what you have gotten out of this is that pageants are not all about beauty and talent. They are about going up on stage showing your personality, being comfortable and happy with who you are, having fun! It is about building your children's self-confidence and them having fun! They make great friends along the way, and get to dress up and feel special in front of a bunch of people! Standing on stage having everyone in the audience cheering for them, smiling at them, telling them how great they did! It is a very encouraging experience for children in my opinion.

© 2014 Elizabeth


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      we have done Americas best for almost 3 years now. we were terrified at first, thinking it would be like that horrid show. but we were proven wrong. we have an amazing pageant family, that's always there if we need help, advice, or even just to vent or talk about life. my daughter has skills she will be using the rest of her life, interview, social, confidence, she does tons of community service, at not even 3 years old yet, she practices willingly at home, most the time not even having to be asked. she knows that her hard work and practice will get her what she wants. and that is another pageant with Americas best. the friends she has have driven upwords of 2 hours just to come to her birthday parties. I wouldn't change anything. when she finally decides she doesn't want to do pageants in them anymore, I will gladly stop. but until then, we keep going strong. we will buy pretty dresses, and play with out new friends, love on miss lisa and miss jessi. and travel wherever we need to in order to see everyone and have our fun

    • Sloan Boliard profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Central Illinois

      Thank you for your comment Lisa! The pageants my daughter has been in is much different than the ones you see on tv :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting hub. I am glad to know that all the pageants are not like the ones we see on tv. Voted up!


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