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Benefits of Family Communication

Updated on October 23, 2017

Communication is any gestures or symbols that people use to express their ideas or feelings; it involves the language, actions, tone of voice, status, kinds of living and works.

Even silence gives meaning.

In love, we express ourselves to our love ones. It expresses not only through our words or actions but also of who we really are and how we live in this world. It is very important to us the honesty and integrity not only in words but also in actions. We admire those people who are man of his word. We don’t like to pretend. We understand the essence of being a good model of truth. And also, we know that even our life can live in lies.

Communication inside of the family is one way, if how they exchange their thoughts, whether it is verbal or nonverbal to each other. An important part in communication is the ability to give attention to the ideas and feelings of others. It said that it is not only those words that are important in communication, it also better to listen to what others

Happy Family via wikimedia common
Happy Family via wikimedia common | Source

A Challenge!

It’s a big challenge to have a better communication in these modern times.Family faces different changes and these changes affect the flow of communication and to the kinds of relationship of every member of the family. Some are positive changes and some are those challenges that need to overcome. One of these positive changes is having an

  • Awareness of their freedom as a person
  • Awareness about to their relationships,
  • Responsible parenthood and education.

One of the negative changes is the entitlement mentality,

  • Disrespect to authority and adults
  • Legal separation of couples, abortion
  • Poverty

It rooted to those families who are after the materials and desires only for themselves before their family. It’s natural that in broken family the communication is also useless and if without the relationship of the family will lead to relationship breakdown.

The best solution of this is by understanding what the essence of communication between people. True communication between is called dialogue.

True dialogue only has a communication. This is not the exchanging of information to convince others to have the same perception as what you are.

A dialogue begins with the art of listening. Two people talk with openness to oneself and trust to each other. By with that dialogue, they felt some changes within themselves. This is not convincing rather it is listening to others to understand their perception and historical background and also to express your own perception to them. At the end, they don’t need to have the same perception or compromise about a certain thing. The lowest effect of this is justice and the highest is love.

Family | Source

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Having dialogue is confirming to the personality of the person whom you are talking to. You perceive them with respect to their dignity that’s why you put yourself with full attention to them. With that dialogue, you are ready to stand yourself to the so called narrow bridge. This is how Buber called this as I-thou.

This kind of communication is possible only between people. We enjoyed to our pets if they know how to transcribe their needs to us.

For example:

The dog wants to enter into the house with the knowledge of how to knock at the door, or he carries his plate just to know that he is hungry, or the dog is voluntarily going to the comfort room to jingle and know how to flush the toilet. Although the dog knows how to do this, but the dog doesn’t have awareness compare to human. He doesn’t have an idea about these things, the dog like to do this because of the satisfaction he gained. And that’s what Ivan Pavlov called this as conditioning. On the other side, human communicate with enough knowledge and awareness.

Mother and Child via wikimedia commons
Mother and Child via wikimedia commons | Source

Besides human have language, they are also creative in expressing ideas and feelings. For instance, if he wants to ingratiate his friend, he will do something efforts and/or he will cook him his favorite food.

Human is very conscious of their thoughts and feelings, that’s why he experiences good communication from others. Also, human have the right not to speak or remain silent, not to listen or just ignore. Only human has an ability to pretend to avoid having a conversation.

Did you see a dog pretending to sleep even though that dog is already hungry?

If communications always practice to achieve your own goals or just only to hear and not to listen, this is not within the dialogue but it is within a monologue. They did not treat others as human, but only the purpose to have their wants. And this is what we called I-it relationships.

Strong Family Relationship
Strong Family Relationship | Source

Learn more. . .

It is very important that the dialogue must start within the family. The biggest problem of the modern family is lack of true communication between two couples, parents and children. Oftentimes, in conversing with their children, it is more important that the parents must try their children understand your aims for them, not by listening to their wants.

Then, also the children perceive their parents as human without the ability to listen and understand that’s why they preferred to remain silent and hide their true feelings. Sometimes, it is easy to pretend than to be true to your family. It is sad to say that even in the family there are no confirmations of your personality.

Jerry Johnston shares on the importance of sincerity in family communication.

The Importance of Sincerity in your Family

At the end, the professor of Hindu teaches a lesson about communication.

Love is the strongest way of communication because true love is the unity of mind and heart of two people.

Hence words are not needed. It makes the world peaceful o everyone love each other. Always remember that love makes the world go round.

Dialogue is better to have in the family than to those who do not have. You just only show your love which unites the family. If you value your family more than yourself; you can feel the true essence of dialogue with humbleness. You easily openness and trust, listen and understand, especially those unsaid words. In dialogue, parents must listen and understand their children.

1. They must give a freedom to participate in decision making and help in solving the problems. In dialogue, there’s no small or big, high or low. We have our own dignity, mind and emotion.

2. Parents should always treat their children as a human with ability open and share their feelings and thoughts with them.

3. And the couples must always remember that dialogue is very important, even though they already given a love and matrimony in their wedding, they are also an individual who has own mind and emotions.


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    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 3 years ago

      Just a wonderful article! We need to communicate more with each other and by doing so. I believe we are so much better for it. We learn just as much from the other person as we can learn more about our self.

      Amazing writing! Shared and Up she goes...take care :-)

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 3 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Hello Sheila;

      Thank you sheila, yes that is very true even in friendship and relationship this could be applied. Communication plays a vital role here on this earth. I hope so, but it seems you are the only one who is interested.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      Great hub! I believe the lack of real communication among family members has caused many of the problems in the world today. If they can't have real conversations where one person talks and the others listen and then the first person listens to the others, no problems can be solved, no one feels accepted or appreciated, etc. That carries over to their interactions with people outside of the home and means there is also no communication there.

      I hope people read your hub, take the lesson to heart, and learn to really communicate with each other.