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The Importance of Family Dinners

Updated on September 20, 2010

Children Benefit From Family Dinners

Eating together as a family is a very important part of living healthy. Families who share meals together tend to eats more fruits and vegetables and develop better eating habits. Research shows children who eat dinner with their families are healthier and have less chance of becoming overweight. Children who experience family dinners and meal planning together grow up to be healthy adults and pass the tradition down to their own kids. Children who eat dinner with their family are less likely to develop addictive habits such as drinking, drugs, or smoking. Research also shows teenagers who eat with their family on a regular basis get better grades in school and are less likely to develop eating disorders.

Meal planning is an excellent way to organize dinners for a family. With a small amount of time, dinner can be planned for week days. Planning ahead helps when searching for what to serve for dinner and cuts down on meal time stress by taking the worry out of what to cook. Other benefits of meal planning are saving time and money. Meal planning helps organize a routine of choosing healthy food. Eating dinner with the family not only teaches families to eat healthy, it also saves money. Families that practice meal planning go to the grocery store less often. Following a list saves money because extra items will not be bought and no leftovers will go to waste. Meal planning enforces quality time by gathering the family around the dinner table. It gives families the chance to share news with each other by taking turns and giving individual attention to each person. Family dinners produce the most amount of family conversation and cultured word usage when compared to other family activities. Research shows a strong correlation between vocabulary development and dinner conversations.

In conclusion, there are far more benefits of eating family dinners than there is eating at a restaurant. Participating in family dinners not only give your family quality time, but also improves people's health by eating healthier and serving proper portion sizes. Meal planning gives everyone the chance to be involved and being organized will prevent spending extra money for items that could go to waste.


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