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The Indecent Exposure Flight to the East Coast

Updated on August 12, 2011

You may have missed this incredible story. So incredible, it is hard to believe.

An 18 yr. old teen boy, on the Olympic team boarded an aircraft from the West Coast to East Coast. At that time of boarding, the 6ft. 4in. teen had already consumed eight alcoholic drinks. Also boarding the same aircraft, was an 11 yr. old girl and her father, he had stage 4 cancer. Once in the air late that night, the 18 yr. old stumbled onto his feet. He was sitting a few rows from the girl. Thinking he was in the restroom, he unzips his pants and, drops his underwear and urinates oblivious to the surrounding and the fact the urine is hitting the girl. The girl turns around , sees his penis, screams. The father is awakened, turns around and emotions burst and he lunges for the teen. A scuffle ensures until calm returns. The girl is taken away and cleaned up and calmed down. The father is just beside himself.

The flight continues. Upon landing, police are waiting. But, does justice prevail? After interrogation, the teen boy is released and no charges are filed, not for intoxication, not for indecent exposure. The Olympic team booted him off the team. The teen made no apologies for his action and his mother agreed that her son need not apologize.

Is this justice? Whether accident or not, he did expose himself to a minor. People have been charged for taking a leak in a bush that can be observed, yet, this teen, who was loaded, and nothing is being done. The poor girl would turned around and was face to face with a his penis is, in itself, reason enough to charge him.


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    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. For all our talk about blind justice and a jury of your peers, the wheeling and dealing that occurs before the accused ever see's the inside of a courtroom is disgusting. Status and money, not guilt and extenuating circumstances, determines the relative punishment for a crime.

      This is why Congress is exempt for virtually every law they pass. If that weren't the case, you think they would have passed half the draconian or facist federal laws that are on the books? Hell no. They'd be campaigning on legalizing prostitution, gay rights and fair social security if they could only benefit from what us poor regular citizens could benefit from. The first time someone in a position of power is harrassed by the police, runs into a stupid law or finds some red tape that is handing them a raw deal, they attack it with the frenzy of a shark smelling blood with righteous fury. If one of us does the same thing they pat us on the head and say "That's rough, but it's the way things are." if they acknowledge the unfairness at all.

      Free society...yeah.. the best money can buy maybe.

    • FGual profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Good for you for exposing this rat. He got off and walks off a free teen? what a joke. He's a member of the Olympics team, so you can see a coverup to preserve their reputation. Besides that, I'm thinking his well-heeled family knows people in high places that persuaded whomever not to file charges against pisser boy.

    • jacqui2011 profile image


      7 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      How awful - it sums up the justice system pretty much everywhere. What is the world coming to? Poor girl must have been traumatised.


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