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The Library was in thanks to the trees that bore the weight of the Arts, all of them.

Updated on April 13, 2016

Children of light rise in the freedom they live in a life of choices.

I sat at the Library looking at my thanks, to the trees in their silence. They made Bibles, best sellers, Potters and many more and did they say "Thanks trees for being cut down for the sales of Millions of dollars?" Did they plant trees for ever copy of book old? No they took for granted that Nature would survive, it did on the Internet yet the truth, Christ did not cry, Satan did. I cried for my friend in him too and as Gabriel, it was over when they penned his death, Nature. They cut down the beauty given them and then clear cut many more. See what they did and where it led? Yes, it was nature that gave them computers too, to save itself. Fathers know the cost of the doors.

Yet they truth, they need to plant trees and start to see that they never saw Satan was nature and the sacrifice that was truth was it let them in silence destroy all, with no rewards, except the life it gave and the house they waked on for centuries. Let them live please, yet be that they need some help. They need some life planted on the land again, they need the trees to be in barren land so nature can be life too again. Keep the cities, new plans are in thoughts. Life of my people would be to give nature thanks and speak of the beauty that gardens once were. I had left many because the wild life in me was mine to live and give. The light house then is cold, and we are not my people unless as Magic we could speak dreams in the sleeping dreams of humanity and spare them the harm of the life without all working in Harmony. I was shunned once in another Heaven, now releasing hope in Hell or Heaven is desperate measures. Once I said let them that hurt me in life be the worshiped that they may have everything and be treated like kings and queens, so they could on Earth hurt me and in Heaven reject me forever being here or there in the first place. Please there is time to plant trees and Authors, I killed my dreams of printing, because the land needs trees and the Internet is a good home to spare life. Nature was clever in that manner. You may not like it and the trees in the new forests would love it, it may warm things up in some areas except the shade in the forests would cool things down so a balance would be made again.

The religions of the world never thanked nature in return for the homes their words found. Be kind to nature and nature, not a Mother Earth, more a force of life would be kind to all it's children again. We are all children of God, the planet that gave us all life and choices to live as is the costume. Mine would be the beings that would see the return of the land too, big cities with forested areas, around the cities. Hemp for new paper, clothing easier recycled products. If we are in spirit then why not? See if it works? I am probably dead anyways and this is the March to new lands. I saw once a huge forest world with light beings floating in the water, like giant stingrays, except of light energy and they could walk on land as energy as well. Not that that was how I would want it just as energy not human form to watch nature evolve until that day when they found us again, in dreams. Be well to respect nature. I told the trees in the park that they were the cheapest thing on the planet and then said, "I am sorry." You were the most expensive thing and man profited from your downfall. I cried like a baby. I never thought about, the cost of books before and the Library, of spirit, is just as expensive because it knows.

Maybe they don’t belong here or I do not because the history is all jumbled. I think they meant it that way to confuse all. It was the Garden not Edom, but the Garden. You know I had gay flowers once, or they were happy in the soil I kept. I composted and hand cared for the lawn, and I was. Never mind I am dead, Terre and the children there most live in peace. Please spare them even if they killed me. I would think they could use some help though. One day the pieces of me, in the Earth will reunite in the flesh in someone else or the food they eat, or the land they walk on and they will see me not as I am now but as a new born, they won’t know that I will have my spirit here in it. This old man though will stay in Heaven, I will send another to be a child, someone with Eros. Because nature needs me here, and they killed the ability for me to want anything except nature, or so it seems. I still am suspicious of nature too, because it is so clever. It took millions of years to create and it can give or take like death, that life created. Or people demanded once. Never mind the fear life sometimes is a nightmare and you never know what nature said, was the harm just a dream or is this the dream? I will never in that world be whole, nor in spirit if my own spirit doesn’t except my life as my own. They stole and it doesn’t matter to me anymore, nature gifted and they keep the physical shell, I only wanted the spirit and they trespass on that for free as well. Go home, my heart is not for free. Except for what I write. That was a gift always.

I loved so much except I never thanked a book. The Bible of sorted details was a story and they damned themselves, I hope they see what Christ really was, all of humanity too and Buddha, Kali, all of them. I wrote some electronic stuff though and that was book to some that missed the truth. The heart, you won’t find that in a book except for the one you read from. I always liked the spirit books, the magical. My Lady would know what Arthur knew of Merlin. Wise, and some leave so you may find it on your own, a heart I always knew I had and that they still trample on for it being Steven, not another. My life. I said as Gabrael, in Heaven I would be tortured in my Heart for releasing magic to man and releasing it here now to harm the biggest lie of all, that we all were just magic makers on the Earth and only a few of us saw it for what it was, some hid in the Garden and in the schools of others studying what life wasn’t. It wasn’t the Garden. Be nice to nature or do as nature intended, be your choices. Big hurt, the worst to those that never asked my Heart. Return to the shoulders of man, Christ you had walked it in them with the Buddha all the time on Earth, as Magic school was the Earth. Leave me out of it I will not share spirit with any physical being again.

Satan was before the penned hand of man that destroyed the forest, my home and we were so kind to humanity. The separated forms of nature, man, land, trees, animals, water, the written languages and numbers. The arts always needed suffering in the world to make the gray able to cross into the light and darkness. It was darkness because man said it was otherwise it was nature. Nature always sings a different chord and note than just one part of the kingdom. No one knew that the trees had been cut and many cried and heard their stories based on the reader’s entire life. I am not here. Rapture fell around the Earth, as a dead father returned or ask if the dead are awake or which nightmare is the truth. We may be all in the life, death and life as it was seen once and never spoken about. Did you ever see the book farms return forests to the land so that nature could be strong in the future? I mean, nature gave man computers to save itself. I destroyed my dream to publish a book in form. My Dorian Gray destroyed many times now. I could not watch the trees fall to sell a book for the hand. That was as in spirit it was intended. To see doing nothing for the physical just the spirit or thought.

Once my home, Steven Phillip Lindquist
Once my home, Steven Phillip Lindquist | Source
Once my home, Steven Phillip Lindquist. In spirit, for her three babies. As my four-plex.
Once my home, Steven Phillip Lindquist. In spirit, for her three babies. As my four-plex. | Source


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    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 22 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      Steven, as myself, U are like I said my best teacher. Father knows best sometimes in the Spirit. Mothers listen to your fathers once in a while. I forgave all the dream I lived loved lives once.