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The Making of Family Locator Apps – In the Name of Effective Parental Guidance and Supervision

Updated on June 12, 2016
A couple walking with 3 kids.
A couple walking with 3 kids.

Those children who are well guided and supervised by their parents or guardians at home are the ones most likely to grow as socially responsible and good citizens of the country. They are rather so-called “the disciplined and morally upright kids.”

But in the midst of complexities brought about by the digital era, how can parents keep up? How can they adapt with the modern changes in relation to children supervision? Fortunately, we have great computer and mobile applications that can assist them in performing their primary responsibility as parents, just like the family locator app.

How can this app be of great help? How does it work?

1. The Location Finder

Do you have teenagers at home who sometimes ignore your texts and calls whenever they go out with friends especially at night?

Do you also have a wife who travels a lot due to business or work that she always fails to respond to your queries immediately, that you’re wondering where she is and what she’s doing?

Do you have active toddlers whom you’re afraid to bring along when shopping because you might lost them in crowded areas?

Well, worry no more. With the location finder feature, you will be able to track your family members wherever they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

2. The Travel History

So you are already aware of their current location, but do you know where they’d been to the past few days? If you’ve found something misleading, questionable, false or incorrect about your kids statement as to where they’ve been last night or the other day or past weeks, just use the location history feature.

With this, you can trace back the inconsistencies of their statement and see if they are lying or not. The tracker gives an accurate detail as to all the places they’ve been to the whole day based on what their mobile phones provide. Thus, lying can be avoided; thereby, maintaining the virtue of honesty in the family.

3. The Boundary Setter

There are times when kids like to roam around the neighborhood, most especially if their cousins and close relatives or classmates are also living there. Also, they might use such as an excuse to go somewhere else. So you can be sure that they will not go far or if they do, you know when and where, turn on the Family Places feature.

With this, you can set a virtual boundary from your home to the neighboring areas where you feel kids are safe and are within your area of jurisdiction. You can go as far as 1 mile from your home address.

Once your kids are out of the virtual perimeter you set, you will be notified by the app so you can immediately act or react. This will also let you know if they are already going home or what.

4. The Private Family Chat

Can either be individual or group with your family members, this function is perfect to send your children a message right away. If you want to remind them of something, you can just give them a chat through this portal and everyone will be notified. This is especially helpful during emergencies.

Alternatively, if you want to get one on one or personal with your kids whenever they have done wrong and you want them to avoid feeling embarrassed, just choose the individual chat room.

5. The Emergency Rescuer

If they are in need of immediate help due to a minor injury or what, they can just press the Panic Alert button and within seconds, all of you in the family will be notified via app message, email, or even a text message showing the sender’s current location.

6. The Over Speeding Checker

If you have kids who have been granted driving license just recently, they might like to drive a lot along with friends. In order for you to know that they are not violating the significant driving rule, and of course, your home rules concerning driving speed, just enable the Over Speed Alert and then, you’ll know if they are driving within the correct limit or not.

7. The Image Monitoring

Nowadays, kids can copy, receive, or send images of anything through their phones, which can include indecent, immoral, and pornographic ones. In order to know the kind of images they are keeping on their phones, just use the photo monitoring app. Whenever you see an unwanted image, you can immediately tell them to remove it for their protection.

8. The Gadget Checker

Whether they’re battery is going empty or they have slow internet connection, and other possible excuses so they can’t be monitored, you can definitely avoid them from resorting to such by using the app.


Truly, there are apps that can be used to help parents supervise and guide their kids effectively so they will grow good citizens of their country. Get your family close and protected as ever. Start finding the best family locator app on Apple Store or Google Play Store now!


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