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The Meaning of a Good Life

Updated on March 15, 2012

Do you think you have a good life?

Everybody wants to have it, everybody wants to run towards it....every one works hard to earn it...but what really is the meaning of a good life?

Out of the thousands of millions of people in the world, each individual does have the desire to be happy, a reason to call one's life "a good life". True to its sense though, while many pine for such a kind of living, only few actually acquire it.

Satisfaction is one factor that defines the "goodness" of one's ways of living. Every individual has a desire, a dream, an aspiration he wants to reach... maybe not only for himself but for those whom he loves as well. Most often than not, such desire of satisfaction motivates an individual to work further towards a particular goal. May it be a personal, familial or career-based satisfaction, a desire that has been fulfilled gives one a chance a reason to believe that he did have a well-spent life, in a way, "a good life". However, satisfaction is only attained when one is able to realize it in a manner that suits his situation.

One way of defining one's satisfaction is through contentment.

It is not true that if one is contented, he tries to stop envisioning anything better that is to come along. Or that he gives up on pushing himself further to attain more.

Contentment is simply the capability of one to rationalize with himself the difference between a need and a want, to differentiate what is needed and what is not, and to realize what can be done and accept what cannot be done.

Contentment basically spurs out the understanding of one person about his own capabilities and his acceptance on those things where he is weak. From this point of understanding, he is able to manage his strengths to complement with his weaknesses and thus is able to attain matters he knows he can deal with. Considerably, it could be analyzed that in this world of high ambitions, it is really hard to be contented. At some point, for some, it still requires a certain course of self-training and self-discipline.

No, contentment does not come easily. It is a way of life that one must learn and embrace if he really does want to have a good life.

Relatively, it simply means changing the things you can to better the situation, and accepting the things you cannot change and learn to adjust on them as part of your life. Pushing yourself or pressuring yourself to become someone or something you are not would simply put you in a frustrating situation. To have a good life, you must remember that every person has his own strengths and weaknesses, and for one to live a good life, he must be able to know such elements of his being and learn to live with them for the best. Yes, you must know how to be contented and thankful for what you are and what you have, cherish the people who are around you while they are still around, stop pining for unreasonable desires and be happy that you have a life that maybe some people even wish to have.

Take a deep breath, accept yourself for who you are....look around you and find a reason to smile for the people who may not openly tell you they love you, but genuinely care...take a stop and realize the many gifts you already have that you should be thankful for....and live a good life, everyday... :)


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