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Why Breastfeeding is the Smartest Decision for a Lactating Mom

Updated on September 16, 2014

The Benefits of Breastfeeding your Baby

Contrary to what you read on modern books, the human body is not yet fully developed until it reaches 35 -40 years of age. This is the right time for a woman to have babies and for a male to impregnate as it is detrimental to both parent’s health and the baby, if the body is not yet fully developed.

Staring intently on the latest medical equipment while lying on a delivery table anticipating the birth of my youngest son has more or less calmed my edging nerves, assured on the belief I will come out alive with the birthing process.

I did I know that giving birth in the hospital is traumatic experience for any baby. It leave a permanent impression on his DNA and forever unconsciously influences his adult life. I will discuss the birth trauma on my next hub.

The combination of blinding light from the delivery room, the unfamiliar hands of the medical staff, the alien voices which he fails to recognize, terrifies and assaulted the nerves and senses of the new born babe.

New born babies are clever contrary to what most of us take for granted. Despite of their not fully developed eyesight, they compensate it through a knack of echo location. My son knew where to find milk every time I put him face down on my chest until he fell back comfortably sleeping.

Ideal Age to get Pregnant

Much has been written stating the prime years to give birth is from 20 -30 years old but this is because the gonads have developed precociously speeding too far ahead of the skeletal, neuronal and mental systems. Osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases strike her more because gestation drains too much calcium and other nutrients from a body unprepared to create a new life.

Babies are not more than healthy on a mother at 18 or 30, however women self destruct by imbibing alcohol, gorging on refined diets and too many periods so that by age 30 she is more or less unable to produce a child.

The Benefits of Breast feeding

Breast fed babies brought up on holistic diets do not go through the precocious puberty state, awkward and confused, developing in a slower pace instead of every cell racing towards oblivion.

Breastfeeding mothers are more relaxed and loving towards their babies than mothers who do not. The release of the hormone prolactin in breastfeeding gives the feeling of relaxation and negates the possibility of Mothers to suffer from post partum blues.

Putting a bottle of milk in the mouth of your baby can have deleterious long term effects. The pons region of the brain is also an area where muscular activity is made sharp and one reason you see children sucking their thumbs or crying is to try and enhance the stimuli it lost.

Pacifiers are a woman's badge of biological failure she pins into her child's mouth. Over eating is a classic example of the inability to feel secure for many eat more when nervous. Studies have shown in both animal and human subjects that the bonding between mother and child lowers the levels of Cortisol (changes to cortisone) one of the most cytoclastic causing hormones from stress and another reason breastfeeding must be done cloistered.

The Insanity of Feeding the Baby with Cows Milk

Whatever possessed mankind to give milk from cattle use to nurse their own young is inconceivable when common sense tells one that it is formulated for baby cows, not for human babies much less adults. It has all the chemicals needed for a healthy calf not a baby.

First on its long list of deadly ingredients is gram negative anaerobe as bacterium. We are carnivorous stock, we are not similar to cattle who need bacteria to create enzymes to break down vegetable matter. We have a chemical called intrinsic factor which is scant or absent in many people and may be one reason we are given cows milk, introducing our human body to bacteria is only beneficial for cattle’s bacteria.

In humans, these bacteria consume a great deal of our nutrients. People drinking cows’ milk are always pale and prone to more illness for they have to rob from their own systems to feed these little things.

Bottle feed babies have a characteristic pungent odor because they harbor putrefactive bacteria which causes bad stomachs and flatulence. Breastfed babies however, have no trouble as they have no lactobacillus in their intestinal flora (and if the mother is totally holistic, no intestinal flora but pure intrinsic factor) but if the mother is on cows milk herself they will get it. Cow's milk also causes the smelly stools and diaper rashes of babies from the ammonia created which breastfed babies do not suffer from. Another big reason for breastfeeding is that the mother will be making less visits to the doctor with children having colds and flu, particularly tonsillitis, is very rare.

What is in the Breast Milk

Breast milk has natural antibodies and immune factors. Until five days after birth, the highest amount of anti bodies is found in colostrum, a yellow milk that precedes true milk. It is a special substance that has more nutrients and less fat and lactose. Babies have numerous digestive problems, staphylococcus infections, etc. which mother's milk protects against.

When a baby is born it is automatically equipped with many instincts, but if the Mother is not practicing holistic diet ( ingesting on refined sugars, salt, process foods) there is no proper development of the cells and organs which begins at the period of conception. The body cannot process a food whose atomic structure has been changed.

Consequently when your body does not have full command of the neurons, the mind is not fully conscious or aware of itself and its surroundings.

Babies born unto Mothers on whole diets are more receptive. Breast feeding must only be performed by the one who gave birth to the baby in order to receive similar magnetic resonances.

Breast feeding on goat, cows milk and employing a wet nurse is dangerous and must be avoided because the baby’s cell electrical conduction will develop abnormally as the milk of each different species has different electrical charge.

What is in Cows Milk that is Bad for Human Ingestion

Cow's milk has 85% casein and 15% whey, which in human it is 40% casein and 60% whey. This makes the cow's milk content too unbalanced and the casein forms curds in the stomach which makes a smelly, crying unhappy baby. Cows can digest the casein with four stomachs as they have rennin which digests this and we do not. There is also more amino acid composition as we are a more complicated animal, and a baby will use 100% of mother's milk but maybe 50% at best of cows being lost through the kidneys at a considerable burden to an infant and why there is so many cases of kidney disease today

The Health Benefits found in Breast Milk

Mother's milk has 7% linoleic acid while cows’ milk has 3% which means babies will keep a healthy fat ratio instead of being obese as most western babies are. There was never anything healthy about baby fat. Even homogenized cows milk or low fat cannot help the baby break down these fat globules.

Prolactin found in breast milk on women has been found to actually sensitize cells of the baby to have a stronger electrical current on the calcium ions which creates this very special bond and helps nerve and cell growth.

Mother's milk has EPA/GLA ( Gamma Linolenic Acid) is rich in an Omega 6 fatty acids, which is very important constituents that help metabolism and make cells more stable. For adults it would help to keep cells primed and regenerated and was the Elixir of Life as a gift of life the mother gave her husband in return for that which he gave her as it is also to be figured that his body resonances contribute also to the quality of the milk

When I was on my teens I discovered I have a cyst growing on one on my breasts. Cancer is prevalent deadly disease found in the patriarchal side of my family where three of my aunts have died of cancer. The doctor told me way back to subscribe to breast feeding once I will give birth to my own child. I followed the doctor’s advised and breastfeed my son, the cyst is gone, my son is healthy, intelligent, no allergies of any kind and has not been admitted in the hospital for any illness except on a series of regular check up on his pediatrician after getting sick every time he received his vaccination shots

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