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The Overwhelming but Blessed Feeling

Updated on June 14, 2016

New love, New life

Nothing beats the day you give birth to that beautiful baby boy or girl. Your mind is going crazy over all the new experiences you get to embrace and the new life you were blessed with. The one thing that many new moms have a concern with is how will I feed my baby? It is the most thoughtful question that many new parents struggle with. What are my options and what will suit my family the best?

My personal experience is different from any other. Everyone will always have their own story to tell and now I will tell mine. I had a beautiful baby girl that blessed us in so many different ways possible. New things each day are taught and learned. While I was pregnant I decided I would breastfeed. Then once I got closer to my due date I didn't think I would be as comfortable doing it. So the big day came and I did it from the start. It was like I have done it before. I didn't think twice about doing it. It wasn't that easy at first. You have to make sure they baby latches on and you are producing. Also making sure you are holding the baby in the couple different positions out there. I found the one that was most comfortable for me and it went from there. I had to feed her every two hours which was kind of stressful. You have to make sure baby is where she needs to be and you have her in the right spot. Also the hospital told me how skin to skin was a must. Babies love it. I figured why not? Its more of a way for us to bond. When we brought her home, I knew it was going to be stressful. Many questions popped in my head from how will I work to what if shes not getting enough food. So I had to call the doctor a couple of times just to make sure I was doing everything right which I was. Being a new parent is definitely an experience. You don't know whats going to happen so you just go with what you know.

Many people don't get how exhausting and stressful breastfeeding is. From cleaning the pump to making sure the baby is latching when you feed her. It takes a lot of energy to do. Also if you don't produce enough milk you have to pump way more. If you don't produce that much then you have to pump more. The more you pump means more for the baby. Its a constant timer. You have to make sure your nipples aren't cracking, baby is latching, breast are producing milk and baby eats every couple of hours. The middle of the night is the worst. You can barely open your eyes and you have to hold a baby on both sides for about fifteen minutes. Yes it is that exhausting. I finally went to pumping to give me some time and my fiance could also feed her. It was a huge help and relief to know she was still getting all the food she needed when I was pumping. Once you take a break from pumping you don't produce enough. That was my issue so we went to formula. This was at five weeks. I was just glad to make it that far. To me it was very demanding on your body and you have to do it so much. Its nice to know my baby is getting the nutrients she needs and can grow to be a beautiful baby girl.

At least you tried


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