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The Secret of Happy Children

Updated on June 12, 2015
My little niece' smiles - taken by me! :=)
My little niece' smiles - taken by me! :=)

Children are the most innocent human being. Their pure nature allows them to express their true feelings. They simply are not bothered about what people think of them, and they do not mind how long you have patiently waited while they play. Just having you around is enough to make them feel loved and appreciated.

One of the virtues of the very young is that no facts get in the way of their imagination. This makes it a reason why children, especially small ones, become the center of happiness for the whole family.

A child's overall nature is a true joy to parents and grand parents. Children have the power to cheer up moods and brighten up a dull moment. This is an ability so innate in them that helps bring out your most genuine smile. They can even pacify the most angry face and most of all, their smiles are blossoms that make things beautiful.

When Children Are Happy

The innocent wisdom of happy children is worth pursuing. This is a lot different to us adults because we get caught up in the "wisdom of the world" which teaches us we are something that we are not.

The more you allow your kids to stay connected to the healthiest activities for their age, joining a playgroup, hitting the playground and socializing with other kids, the more likely they develop good disposition and humor.

"Go to your own happy place," says James Fowler, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of California. This doesn't mean forcing children to like everything around them. It means doing something that you know will push your bliss buttons. "There's nothing like a chocolate-smeared grin on a little kid's face to instantly perk you up," he said.

Creating a more peaceful and compassionate world continues to be the most significant challenge of humankind, and children are the source of this beauty. Children brings up a good point for us to be happy. I can’t imagine that a childless 80 year old living in a retirement home is happier than that same 80 year old with loving children and grandchildren... and that is a significant phase of life.

Grandfather and grandchild exhanging smiles
Grandfather and grandchild exhanging smiles

Regardless of how we describe happiness and contentment in children, it all depends on the development of certain inner qualities; trust, respect, joy, self-esteem and security.

Did you know that you are the source of this optimism?

Are Your Children Happy?

Every child has good and bad days. There are kids who just grin after falling out of their bikes, and there are those who lie on the floor, kick and scream when they don't get the ice-cream flavor they want. Are kids just born that way?

It is a hard lesson for a child to learn that he cannot always have his own way. When you are always there to support your child no matter where he lands on the spectrum, your reward will be a contented, happy child.

Think of the smile that appears on your child's face when he enjoys running, jumping and climbing trees. Those are the moments and feelings that you would want to preserve. The joy in the child is something deeper inside. It is happiness learned through you.

Now are you ready to be moved, inspired and energized?

The Secret of Happy Children Is YOU

Happy children has a general feeling that life is going well. They are upbeat and optimistic, and feel as if they are completely connected to those around them. That's not to say they don't feel sad at times. But, in general, life feels good for them.

Happiness is a big thing you'll want for your child. It's not just based on research, but there is truth that if a child's parents (that's you!) are happy, if her siblings are playful, if her neighborhood buddies are companionable -- well, she's more likely to be bright and breezy, too.

You would love to know ways to spend quality time with your little darlings. You might never know, the simplest hello, hug, smile, kiss and even making funny face are only what it takes to make children happiest.

Honeybunch -- is what I call my siblings' children
Honeybunch -- is what I call my siblings' children

I don't have children (oopps...I forgot to get married! LOL!).... but looking at my honeybunch in their capacity to enjoy what they have, rather than always wanting what they don't have, it's a great blessing how they have become the children their parents wanted them to be.

Thankfully, these kids were not raised with things here and there but with habits that will help them one day -- the habits of sharing, or serving, being grateful, being respectful, and of being Christians. It's a grateful feeling that at times when things go wrong, they still try to be good and it is still within them to be good.

Capturing those photos of them is kind of heaven to me!


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    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      5 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hello rajan jolly. Thank you for reading my hub. Such an insightful comment. Thanks for the votes and blessings:=) -Tonette

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Children do make us happy because of their innocent ways and the love they spread selflessly.

      Voted up and beautiful.

    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      5 years ago from The City of Generals

      Thanks Anne. You're right. I myself have so many times learned from little children. I thought all teachings should be coming from us adults since they're so little, but I was wrong. A lot of times the little ones have taught me so many things that I have been forgetting, like not being grouchy or trying to put myself in their shoe. Children are GOD sent, they help us grow better. Thanks for dropping by and best of all.

    • annerivendell profile image


      5 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      What a lovely Hub. I agree with every word. Don't you cringe when you hear parents say to a small child "look at how everyone is looking at you being naughty". What a way to make them self-conscious! Thank you for a great hub.

    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi girishpuri. You said it... children are little but they have so much to offer us and their smiles are enough to remind us how busy we have been to perhaps give out a smile? Thanks for reading.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 

      6 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      I agree their smile is blossom which make things beautiful, and we can learn a lot, awesome hub.

    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi Angelme. You're such an angel to have a big heart for children. Super cute, innocence and pureness... yes, their soft and pure content nature allow is light and tenderness that softens the heart of the world. Thanks so much for reading and for voting. Nice meeting you.

    • Angelme566 profile image


      6 years ago

      I super love this hub ...very true children are super cute ..innocence and pureness they show..voted up !

    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi Fennelseed. Maybe it's the innate nature of children that teaches us adults to think slow and surely, our little teachers that make us smile during class:=) Yes a lovely fun to keep us always on the go! Many thanks for the lovely thoughts and for the vote. Blessings!


    • Fennelseed profile image

      Annie Fenn 

      6 years ago from Australia

      It's funny isn't it, we seem to find the wisdom we had naturally as children, in our old age and in between times we get lost!!! This is a lovely hub, pure, simple and true. My votes to you, Tonipet.

    • Tonipet profile imageAUTHOR

      Tonette Fornillos 

      6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi Chaplin. It's great to know you liked the hub, thank you. Children always make me smile. I too agree that we can learn so much from them. Thanks for dropping by.

    • ChaplinSpeaks profile image

      Sarah Johnson 

      6 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

      I like this Hub. You are right, we can learn so much from children!


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