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The Power to Control

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Karin Steyn is a teacher with an Honors Degree in Teaching and Learning. She motivates and inspires teenagers every day.

To Attract or Not to Attract ...


A magnet is a fascinating object. If you have two magnets, you will soon notice that the north pole of a magnet can attract and repel. It attracts the south pole, yet repels the north pole of another magnet. While this information is well-known, scientists are still scratching their heads as to why magnets do what they do. Two questions arise: why do magnets always have a north and a south pole, and why do particles emit magnetic fields? There are no answers for these questions, but the questions portray features of the universe.

Magnetism Makes us Humble

Looking at gravity and magnetic fields, you learn to become humble. Man believes he can control many things, but when it comes to the laws and features of the universe, man is in control of nothing. Perhaps it is here that man needs to sit down and think about the word ‘control’. A basic definition is: to have power to influence or direct something or someone. The first word that jumps out in this basic definition is the word ‘power’. This is man’s Achilles heel.

The Power to Influence

People want power. They believe that money, status, success and recognition will give them power. The more they have, the more power will be awarded them. Suffice to say, with power comes responsibility. It is here where man’s weakness lies. No-one wants to take responsibility for their actions. People want the power to influence and direct, but they don’t want to be held responsible for influencing and directing. Thus, they delegate. They appoint people who have power to take responsibility for whatever is being influenced and directed. Sadly, people are all the same; no matter who you appoint, these people will not want to take responsibility for their actions either. Whether people are held responsible or not, they do not like responsibility. Hence, the blame game continues (which started in the Garden of Eden).

The Power of Purpose

You can have all the power in the world, but if you do not take responsibility for the power you exert, you will always be weak. Instead of focusing all your energy on trying to control the people and events that form part of your life, you should focus your energy on your power of purpose. What is your purpose in life? Surely, it’s not a purpose to ‘control’ people and events. Your power of purpose allows you to let go of ‘control’. You learn to pay attention to your own needs. You become aware of what you’re feeling in a given moment and through this awareness, you learn to direct your power of purpose according to your feelings. Instead of controlling everyone and everything in your immediate world, focus on controlling yourself.

Take Responsibility

Your feelings reflect your purpose for each day. You learn to create a new purpose each day and you are driven by your feelings to achieve that purpose. Your thoughts, choices and actions for the day evolve from these feelings. True control means that you can be authentically you without worrying about being accepted or rejected for being you. Being authentically you means that, like a magnet, you will attract and repel people. It’s part of your feature in the universe. Take full responsibility for this power of purpose. You aren’t alive to please people. You are alive to please yourself. In pleasing yourself, you feel good about yourself and this radiates to others. Those who are attracted to you are the people with whom you should concern yourself. Those who are repelled are not meant to be part of your purpose.

The Power of Influence

You cannot control people and life. You can, however, learn to control yourself. Life is what it is. It doesn’t matter how much you try to influence or direct people and events, in the end, regardless of what you have or haven’t done, what needs to happen will happen. Learn to live in humble acceptance that God is always in control and do what you have to do every day to the best of your ability. Be positive and nurture positive emotions. This will make your daily purpose in life worth living.


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    • JennyAngel profile image

      JennyAngel 2 months ago

      Great insight! Most teens these days are so wrapped up in their own negative energy to notice these effects.