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The Reality Series: The Family Unit

Updated on July 27, 2017

The worldly life is bothersome. Waking up at 7 A.M in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast, smearing some butter on a beautiful soft piece of bread is perhaps the highlight of the whole day, until a man comes back home to his obedient womanly wife. The sound of her silken voice soothes the drudgery and boredom of the day, and the lucky man feels right at home and in the lap of sweet pleasure.

And then she very hesitantly approaches her husband with a list, a list of groceries she says most importantly, and then sub list, of other important items. The lipstick color she had seen Kylie Jenner wear, the hair products she had seen Priyanka Chopra endorse and the spa trip she had planned ages ago. The husband stares in agitated surprise and wonders how he is going to meet the stringent demands of being the only husband. LOL.

This goes on day after day, until the wife gets a job. And the husband returns home to empty halls. Then the desperation begins, together with extreme frustration. What was she up to? Where did she go? Is she wearing lipstick? Did she earn enough money today? LOL.

The relationship turns into a material one, everything revolving around the money. The husband one day returns with a list of his own. LOL.

The above husband liked to ignore the demands he couldn’t fulfill, there are husbands who would do catapults to get those lipsticks. Any dirty trick in the book they can accomplish suddenly looks appealing, anything to keep their beloved woman happy. Happy wife is happy life they would announce on loudspeakers. Destroying other people’s happiness for their temporary ecstasy is a folly of sorts. Things would eventually get completely out of hand; the ghosts of the misdeeds haunt till they have had their revenge. Getting even is very much on their minds.

A situation arises when man and woman are impoverished but both simmering with unfulfilled desires go on a synchronized rampage. That situation can get highly unpleasant for anyone blocking their path.

And these are the basic sort of enemies people face every day in their daily lives. In their offices, in their own homes, a mom who loves her daughter’s jewellery for instance, on their shopping trips, for instance a jealous shopkeeper who hates that you are going to wear that nice makeup, or carry a beautiful branded bag, and almost everywhere a person dares to look. Enemies are people with unreasonable desires, which they are willing to fulfill at all costs instead of exercising patience and understanding that the lasting way to happiness is the right way. Some people might make the mistake of brushing these instances off as minor, minute and insubstantial. They have no idea what they are talking about.

All crimes start off as minor, stealing a ring perhaps. The shine of that ring, spurs new crimes causing horror, justifications appear in the blinding light of the stolen ring. And the person goes from small time to epic time in a lot of cases. I am not saying it happens every time, some people who rule the streets make sure they stay in the business.

The point is there is a certain way to live life. It is important to be mindful of each other. We are after all living in a society and we have to look for collective well-being rather than selfish destructive wishes. If others are destroyed, people would just live with the material things they had so meticulously collected by destroying the living. A family in a society is the smallest unit making up the whole people. It is like a molecule to the compound. It needs to hold for the people to persist and prevail. The way to live life is simple, to be good to each other and understand each other’s reasonable justified needs and limitations. Compromise is important for everyone living in a society, compromise on materialistic demands, not on the person’s dignity or honor. An honorable person prefers to starve to achieve a stable state, a state of peace and abundance.

Death before dishonor said someone wise and quite satisfied with what little they had. The world as we see today revolves around standards of beauty and wealth. It portrays everything expensive and slim as desirable. There is an urgent need today to paint goodness, piety and dignity with the same brush, the brush of desirability. A man starving and living a life of ardent poverty just to uphold the moral values of goodness, should never be seen with suspicion and disdain, but with a meticulous eye, if it is indeed the case. If it is, then that man, should be respected and held in high esteem. There are people out there who might pretend to be as great as they are portrayed, like men with Nobel prizes, are they really what they appear to be? If they are, they should be aptly applauded.

I waited for my diamonds until my husband could afford to give them to me, without the fear of any one stealing them.


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