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The Father and His Responsibility

Updated on June 18, 2012

Being a parent, you need to remember some basic rule which can make your child bold & strong

In this world only the human are the one creature who not only lives together with their family including the parents and child but also take care of each other. If we talk about the most careful members in the family then it not come a single name and comes as a joint name called parents. The parents or a combination of the father and mother who always take care of their children. And the roles of each of them are well defined towards their kids. The mother is taking one type of responsibility and father takes another responsibility.

Being a father we have a very good feeling with our child. It is a great feeling when the kids comes & hanging on the neck. Every father wants to say something, to share everything with his child but some strange thing prevents to do so. Father cannot show his love for his child. It is very challenging to fulfill the responsibility of father for the development of different stages for his child. The father is always represented as a administrator and controller for the child.

In human, the father not only takes care to earn money to fulfill the requirement of their children but also he gives a big participation in building their future. Also father plays an active role to improve their life and tells the survival methods in the world so that his child can grow up by well understanding the world. He also teaches them how to fight with the world in a complex and opposite situation. Where to do, what to do and what don't or what is the better way etc. this all lession is always taught by only the father. The father also gives lot of ideas, tricks and many more about the surrounding, about the good & bad thing. Although, the child can learn these all behaviors for life from his mother but it may not be so effective than that of father can give. This is because of the nature of the female. Normally females are found to be quit calm, sentimental, kind and sympathetic in behavior which is not a suitable way for the child to teach the lession of the life.

The research says that the sentimental and psychological health of a child directly depends upon the time which he shared with his father. You can see also a big difference between the childs who grow up without parents (orphan) or with parents or with only father or mother. You will found that the childs who grow up with the care of father are mentally very strong, less sentimental and have more control on themselves than the others child who just grow up in the mothers care or as a orphans. Also some other properties like good decision taking capacity and looking confident may also come through the father.

The father has great importance in the life of his child because of the father gives the better view with respect to the activity of this world. This thing the child can not get from his mother. The nature of father i.e. man may be another factor why child can not learn these all steps from his mother. Due to the nature, sometimes the father take a hard decision, to build his child's future but you can see tat mother is always oppose any of such a decision. Though the child may come into tension but father don't compromise with his step taken. But see here the another good nature of the father that when he feel that now it's over he make a balance and manage it before reaching at extreme. This all is done by the father in the goodness of his child. This nature of father always becomes helpful to the child in his coming future and child learns some lesson with this. The mother normally can not do this. The child who grows up in the care of mother becomes some more sensitive as well as having less control on themselves in comparison of those children who grow up with the care of the both father & mother or simply in the care of father.

In the first instant you may find that the mother is only the more loving to her child and father's love towards his child may be almost negligible in comparison. Also you may find that all the kids have more love towards his mother than that of father. But it is practically proven that the father is having more love with his child than his mother. It is a different case that father never show his love to his child. This love towards his child is in hidden form who always kept in a sleeping mode in the heart because if the father will show this love then he will be unable to teach those things who will carry his child towards the high end in the life.

These open or hidden loves differentiate us from other creature in the world. That is why we are wise and we are human. Otherwise you can see in other creatures in the world. you can find any love except somewhere in the initially female animal have some attachment with her child later on they also forget it while the male animal have no any attachment with his kid. This is the difference we have. After all we are human as well as a responsible father also. 


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