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The Richard Womack Family of Mississippi

Updated on June 20, 2011

Grandfather of 130 Grandchildren!

Richard WOMACK, son of David WOMACK and Mildred PRYOR, was born about1767, in Orange County, North Carolina, and died in1825, in Greensburg, St. Helena Parish,Louisiana, about age 58. He was buried in the Womack Cemetery in Greensburg. He was the father of thirteen children and the grandfather of more than one hundred and thirty grandchildren.

We do not know the name Richard’s first wife, but they were in living in Georgia in 1790 where their first child was born. It has been strongly suggest that she was a full-blooded Native American, but this has not been proven. Richard moved to what is now Southeastern Louisiana around 1800 and was probably already building a homestead in St. Helena Parish by the time of theLouisiana Purchase. They had five children: John, Mary, Andrew, Richard, and David.

After his first wife died, Richard Womack was back and forth to Georgia where he next married Martha about 1804, probably in Jefferson County. Martha was born about1788, in Virginia and died in1840, in Simpson County, Mississippiat age 52. They had eight children: Abnor Pryor, Robert, Malinda "Millie," Jacob, Abraham, William M., Sarah "Sallie," and Daniel.

Children by first marriage

John WOMACK was born on 15 Sep 1790, probably in Jefferson County,Georgia. He married twice and was the father of thirteen children.

John married Mary FLETCHER on 1 Jan1817, in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. Mary was born about 1800, in Mississippi, and died before1858, in St. Helena Parish. They had nine children: Elizabeth, Clarissa, Mary Jane, William, Andrew, Richard, Rebecca, Grace, and John.

John next married Nancy WRIGHT on 30 Aug1823, in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Nancy was born about 1785, in South Carolina and died about 1851, in Copiah, Mississippi, about age 66. They had four children: Joseph, Angeline G., John, and Lavenia.

Mary WOMACK was born on 12 Apr 1793, in Jefferson County, Georgia.

Mary married William MOORE on 11 Apr 1817, in St. Helena, Louisiana. William was born about 1794, possibly in Copiah, Mississippi. They had four children: Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Jane, and William.

Andrew WOMACK was born on 10 Aug 1795, in Jefferson County, Georgia, and died on 5 May1871, in Raleigh, Smith County, Mississippi, at age 75. He was buried in Merchant Cemetery in Mississippi.

Andrew married Elizabeth, who was born on17 Feb1798, in Mississippi, and died on22 Aug 1861, also in Mississippi, at age 63. They had 11 children: Stephen, Henry H., Elizabeth, Richard B., Mary, David, Eliza, John, Andrew, Hester A., and another female child.

Richard WOMACK was born on 4 Mar 1797, in Georgia. Richard, who was named for his father, used family names for his children. The oldest daughter was named for his mother, the oldest son was named for his father, the second son was named for himself, Abner and John were named for his brothers. We can only assume that Missouri and Calvin were named for his wife’s relatives.

Richard married Emily THAMES, daughter of Squire THAMES in 1849, in Simpson County, Mississippi. Emily was born about 1810, in South Carolina. They had seven children: Mildred Pryor, David W., Missouri C., Richard T., Abner M., Calvin, and John R.

David WOMACK was born on 8 May 1800, in Georgia, and died in Mississippi.

David married his first cousin, E. Mildred WOMACK, daughter of David WOMACK and Sarah Ann NORRIS, on 11 Mar 1827, in Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi. Mildred was born about 1810, in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana and died in 1895, about age 85. They had nine children: John Crosby, Andrew M., Thomas Jefferson, Mansel Green, Ira Byrd Bud, Sarah Ann Elizabeth, Mary Caroline Callie, Vashti Missouri, and Virginia Laura.

Children by second marriage

Abnor Pryor WOMACK was born on 5 May1806, in Jefferson County, Georgia, and died on 16 Jan1893, in Bosque County,Texas, at age 86. He was buried in the Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque County,Texas. He married twice and was the father of twenty-one children.

Abnor married Annastasia SHORT in1828 in Copiah County, Mississippi. Annastasia was born about 1810 probably in Copiah County, Mississippi, and died in 1851, in Polk County, Texas, about age 41. They had 15 children: Elbert Washington, Samantha J., Fedora, Abner Carroll, Calvin Green, Angelina, Nancy E., Sarah "Sally," Henry C., Richard Mansel, Julia, Nathan B., Naomi, Francis, and Mary.

Abnor next married Telitha C. KIRBY, daughter of George KIRBY, on 17 Feb 1853, in Bosque County,Texas. Telitha was born on 20 Mar 1824, in Kentucky, and died on 23 Feb 1899, in Bosque County at age 74. They had six children: Stacy A., "Doc," Jacob P. "Jake," Thomas, Joseph Wallace, and Mildred Pryor "Milly".

Robert WOMACK was born in 1808, in Simpson County, Mississippi, and died on 8 Jul 1865, in Winn Parish, Louisiana, at age 57.

Robert married Wrizopa "Rispy" SOUTHERN, daughter of Samuel SOUTHERN and Keziah, on 11 Nov 1830, in Copiah County, Mississippi. Wrizopa was born 1813 in Copiah County and died after 1880, in Winn Parish, Louisiana. They had ten children: Richard, Sarah, Wiley, Robert Clifton, Daniel, Rebecca, William, Abraham William, Mary, and Louisa. You can see the descendents of this family also on

Malinda "Millie" WOMACK was born 1810, in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

Malinda married James FOSTER on 20 Apr 1826, in Copiah County, Mississippi.

Jacob WOMACK was born on 5 Feb 1812, in St. Helena Parish,Louisiana and died on 8 Sep1857, in Copiah County, Mississippi, at age 45. He was buried in Hazelhurst,Copiah County.

Jacob married Elizabeth Hezikiah NICHOLAS in1834, in Copiah County, Mississippi. Elizabethwas born on 3 Dec1811, in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, and died on 17 Feb 1864, in Copiah County, at age 52, and was buried in Hazelhurst. They had 11 children: Rebecca, Richard, John H., Daniel, Ellen Elizabeth, Albert G. B., Jacob Moore, Jefferson Davis Samuel, Sarah M., Mary M., and David C.

Abraham WOMACK was born in 1814, in St. Helena Parish,Louisiana, and died in Bosque County,Texas.

Abraham married Kissiah TYRON on 6 Dec 1842, in Copiah County,Mississippi. Kissiah was born in1810, in Georgia. They had two children: Caroline and James K. Polk. She was the widow BEARD and already had three children: Grome, Marie, and Elizabeth.

William M. WOMACK was born in 1815, in Greensburg, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, and died on 9 Dec1873, in Womack, Jackson Parish, Louisiana, at age 58. He was buried in the Womack Cemetery, Chatham, Jackson Parish.

William married Eleanor GOYNE, daughter of John GOINS and Matilda HALL, on 3 Dec 1836, in Copiah County,Mississippi. Eleanor was born on 28 Mar 1820, in Mississippi, and died on 28 Dec1898, in Jackson Parish,Louisiana, at age 78. She was also buried in the Womack Cemetery in Chatham. They had 13 children: Martha, Matilda, William R., Sarah A., Adaline, Millie, Elizabeth, Mary E., Richard Harris, Josephine, James B., Nancy "Nanny" W., and R. B..

Sarah "Sallie" WOMACK was born in 1822, probably in St. Helena Parish,Louisiana.

Sarah married Simon C. NICHOLS about 1838, in Copiah County, Mississippi. Simon was born in1816, in Louisiana, and died about1864, in Calcasieu Parish,Louisiana, about age 48. They had eight children: George W., Abner J., Robert J., Elizabeth M., William J., Richard M., Henry C., and one other child.

Daniel WOMACK was born on 29 Mar 1823, in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, and died on 26 Dec 1878, in Brazos Point, Bosque County,Texas, at age 55. He was married three times and was the father of sixteen children.

Daniel married Cynthia Ann GIBSON on 31 Oct 1844, in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Cynthia was born on 4 Apr 1825, in either Louisiana or Mississippi and died on 29 Jul1853 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, at age 28. They had five children: William Henry, Mary Jane, Louisa, Josephine, and Cynthia Ann.

Daniel next married Thankful Carolyn TULLAS, on 1 May 1854, in Jackson Parish, Louisiana. She was born on13 Nov 1834, in Franklin County, Mississippi and died on 7 Mar 1874, in Bosque County, Texas, at age 39. They had ten children: John Abraham, Martha S., Angelina L., Cenobia M., Daniel Smith, Millie Ann Sophronia, Abner Vandy, Charles Logan, David Whitfield, and Susan Anna.

Daniel next married Sibba TULLOS. Sibba was born in1840, in Mississippi, and died in 1920 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, at age 80. She was buried in Ebenezer Baptis tChurch Cemetery, Jackson Parish. They had one daughter: Permelia A.


NOTE: A Louisiana parish is the same thing as a county in other states.

Personal Research of Annette Womack, including census records, marriage and other courthouse records, cemetery and tombstone research.


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