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The Special Bond Between Mothers And Daughters

Updated on May 7, 2013
The Special Bond Between Mother And Daughter
The Special Bond Between Mother And Daughter

Bond Between A Mother And Her Daughter

Mothers and daughters share a special bond that is eternal. They are often the primary carer, the nursemaid, the teacher, the cook and the cuddle-giver.

There will always be moments when she will embarrass you and say things you wish she didn’t. There will be times when she will discipline you and times when she will play hide and seek with you. But no matter what a mother will do her utmost to protect her daughter.

Mothers have an instinct and have advice that they will want to pass onto their daughters. Cherish the moments you have together. Cherish the simple things in life.

Here are 30 special moments that a proud mother and her little girl can share. And some pearls of wisdom that only a mother can deliver.

  • Show her affection: Daughters will mimic the compassion of their mother; give lots of kisses and cuddles. Especially when she least expects it.
  • Hold hands: Show affection in different ways.
  • Read to her: Read stories to her and even make up stories. Be creative and imaginative.
  • Let her read to you: Even if she does not know the words, let her create the story in her own words. This is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Love her father: Show love and respect to her father and her siblings. No doubt she will have a special bond with her daddy too.
  • Make Cubby houses: Give her boxes and blankets and allow her to create her own magical kingdom.
  • Listen: Don't just hear her words, truly listen to her speak and believe in her beliefs.
  • Tell her how beautiful she is: Whether it is the little hair pin in her hair, the smile on her face or the way she politely spoke, tell her how beautiful she is and how proud you are of her.
  • Mother Daughter Dates: Take her out on her own. Buy her a milkshake or hot chocolate. Give her one on one attention.
  • Encourage her to express herself: Allow her to dance and sing no matter what it looks like or how it sounds.

Enjoy The Special Bond Between A Mother And Daughter

Here are 30 wonderful ways to strengthen your bond with your daughter.

  • Go shopping together: Take her shopping and take her opinion into consideration. This will develop her confidence in the ability to make decisions and help to build her confidence.
  • Let her help you get ready: 

Let her contribute to your outfit. She will watch you closely as you dress up and will no doubt want to dress up just like you.
  • Be friendly with her friends: 

Get to know your her friends and make them feel welcome - as your daughter grows you will be glad that all of her friends would rather hang out at your place. Don't forget to still give your daughter privacy.
  • Beauty Day: Let her pick her favorite color nail varnish and paint her nails.
  • Makeup: Let her experiment with makeup, even if it means she has lipstick all over her cheeks and wild eye shadow.
  • Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes, let her make her own. She will learn from them and life's lessons are priceless.
  • Be there: Take the time to be there for her Kindergarten concerts, her music lessons and her dress up sessions in her bedroom. She will be looking for your face and her eyes will glow when she knows you are watching.
  • Play Dress Ups: Encourage her to try on your clothes and shoes and play dress ups. If she prefers to wear her daddy's shoes and tie with your dress then let her.
  • Pick flowers: Lay on the grass, pick flowers and make daisy-chains. Put flowers behind your ears. The simple things.
  • Let her get messy: If she splashes in puddles, wants to do finger painting or simply wants to play in the garden, let her get messy and dirty.

The Unique Mother Daughter Bond

The mother and daughter bond influences our lives in ways we may never even understand. Experts even say that the relationship between a woman and her mother is so strong, so powerful that it can actually affect her health and self-esteem and set the stage for all other relationships.

  • Teach her respect: Don't forget to be her mother and not just her friend. You need to teach her manners and respect.
  • Teach her how walk away: Teach her how to deal with situations she is not happy with. Whether is it someone at school or at an event. Let her know that she does not have to listen and she can get up and walk away.
  • Ask Questions: Ask her about her favorite color and best friend at school. Ask about her dreams and her fears. Ask her about the things she loves to do and then just talk.
  • Share secrets: Share little secrets together make special moments that only you and her can enjoy.
  • Let her choose love: As she grows, let her find her love. Guide her but give her the decision making strength.
  • Be there: Be there for her when she needs a shoulder, when she needs an ear and when she needs her mother.
  • Be her mother: You are her mother so be her mother. Tell her about your pregnancy, tell her about her as a baby. Share with her your memories. No one can replace or replicate a mother's love.
  • Cook with her: Whether you have her help you prepare the family meal, or whether she prepares something for you, let her get messy and let her experiment. She will cherish these moments.
  • Cook for her: Prepare her favorite meal and make her feel special.
  • Love her: The best thing in life is to love her and show her.

Dads and their daughters
Dads and their daughters

Pearls Of Wisdom From A Mother To A Daughter

What is the one piece of advice you hope your daughter takes to heart and never forgets?

Here are some pearls of wisdom from a mother to her daughter.

  • Never forget who you are
  • I love you
  • Never settle for second best
  • You deserve to be treated with respect
  • You deserve to be treated like a princess
  • Always try your hardest
  • Give everything a go
  • Don't try to be superwoman just to prove yourself, just be true to yourself
  • Do what makes you happy and comfortable
  • You are perfect just the way you are
  • You can do anything you set your mind do
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Listen to your gut
  • Live long and prosper
  • Be happy and healthy and feel good in your own skin
  • You are enough, without money and material things

Different Phases In Life Between A Mother And Her Daughter

As children grow, life presents itself in different ways and the manner in which a 3 year old daughter will love her mother and want her around all the time will ultimately start to change when adolescence kicks in.

Mothers need to be aware of this and let things take their natural course. It is a wild swing from closeness to almost remoteness and relationships can often take on a whole new level of respect.

When daughters leave home and become independent things change again and if they decide to have children of their own there is a new found level of understanding that surfaces.

Unfortunately not all women have the opportunity to have good relationships with their mothers. Some may start out 'normal' yet not remain positive or healthy. The concept of a perfect relationship is not true in any sense but you can make a good go of it.

For the most part, the strong bond between a mother and her daughter is extremely fulfilling.


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    • SakinaNasir53 profile image

      Sakina Nasir 

      4 years ago from Kuwait

      Beautifully written...God bless u

    • Vacation Trip profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Great hub about the special bond between mothers and daughters. Your ideas are also awesome. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful hub. Voted up and awesome.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      WorkAtHomeMums, this is a beautiful tribute for moms and daughters. I have two boys, but I relish in these memories with my mother. We have a great bond that I will always cherish.


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