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The Stork is Broke!

Updated on December 9, 2017
Dabby Lyric profile image

Dabby Lyric is a Woman of Survival! She is a Mother who values relationships with others. Writing is her passion and gift to share.

Have you ever found yourself Married and Broke?


You're NOT Alone!

Being an unemployed spouse can destroy one's confidence, independence and self-respect. You might view yourself as a watered-down clone without possession of your essence. That might make it easier for you to cope with an unbearable plight. It's inevitable not to feel guilt, shame, resentment, embarrassment and even self- loathe.

It's devastating to not be at your best, especially in a marriage. It can infect the happiest person with Depression. Sadly, that was how I coped with the situation. Being forced to be a House-Wife turned my world side-ways. Looking at life from this perspective can taint your view. It doesn't help when the Job Market is criminally biased and doesn't protect the little guy!

No one wants to feel like the weakest link in their marriage. We all want to be able to hold our own and contribute in all areas fairly. In my case, NOT being able to contribute financially truly disrupted my marriage. When you are used to being productive on the job and having a sense of self-worth, it can be very difficult adjusting to a new way of life. You're basically demoted to ground zero and have to crawl your way up! The Gate Keepers of Jobs seemed to keep a steady cap on my progress.

These dark times can ruin you and your marriage, if you let it. Though you are stuck in a horrible situation, so is your spouse. The both of you are experiencing hard times but on different levels. I know this all too well because my Husband and I fought a lot about me being unemployed. Both of us resented the situation and tried to work it out together. Sadly, I don't think we've been able to completely glue the broken pieces back in place. We're a work in progress!

In situations like these, you both have to forgive yourselves for life not working out like you've planned. Storms are going to come and turn your world side-ways. The trick is to trust in each other and stand in the midst of it all. Allow yourselves time to face the storm together.

Face the Storm Together!


Have you ever found yourself Married, Broke and Pregnant?


It's NOT the End of the World!

Finding out that you're expecting at your lowest point in life can break you! It can scare you into behaving irrationally. It can send you completely over the edge in many harmful and destructive ways.

Post Partum Depression

One harmful way is developing Post Partum Depression. It is a mood disorder that can affect women after childbirth. However, some women experience it during their pregnancy. Mothers with this disorder experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion that may make it difficult for them to complete daily care activities for themselves or for others.

I have first-hand experience with this condition. My self-defeating thoughts and feelings disallowed me to accept my role as a Mother. I couldn't even bear to hear any variation the word, Mother! I truly resented bringing a baby into the world with so much darkness in and around me. My symptoms showed up before and a few months after birth. Friends, Family and Counseling helped me through. My faith in God kept me from caving in during the really dark times.

Statics say that 20% of new mothers experience this illness. Each new mother will experience this debilitating illness differently. It is advised to seek treatment if you notice that you or someone else showing any of the symptoms.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting one or a combination of the aforementioned symptoms, please read the following information:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline and Website

  • 1-800-273-8255
  • Call for yourself or someone you care about; free and confidential; network of more than 140 crisis centers nationwide; available 24/7

Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out For Help!

Friends, Family and Counseling helped me through. My faith in God kept me from caving in during the really dark times.

Have you or someone that you know ever experienced Post Partum Depression?

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If you answered "YES" to the previous poll, did the disorder get treated?

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Self-Love is Crucial During This Time!


Will Your Pregnancy Be High-Risk?


Pre-Existing Conditions

One deciding factor in determining a high-risk pregnancy is if the expectant mother has a pre-existing condition. Luckily for me, I suffer from physical and mental disorders. I was consistently monitored and I hated it! On one occasion, I passed out and had gotten sick. My Nurses had a hard time finding my baby's heartbeat so they had the belts on me too tight. My Husband and I would be there for hours until they received consistent heartbeats from our baby.


Age is another factor in determining a high-risk pregnancy. The older you are, the more likely you will be at risk. I was 39 years old during most of my pregnancy. It was my first pregnancy at that so I was considered at risk.

I ended up having a C-Section due to these factors.


Three Resources A Struggling New Mother Should Have!


After delivery, I became very emotional. I didn't want any contact with my baby. Luckily, the Nurses reached out to me before I left the hospital. That's when I learned about Nurses for Newborns.

We were assigned a Nurse help us transition smoothly through Parenthood. These nurses will do home visits throughout a period of two years. Initially, our Nurse helped treat me for Post Partum. She provided a comfortable and healthy outlet for me to speak freely. She offered much needed and appreciative advice for me as a Woman and a Mother. She was very sympathetic and offered exceptional support.

She also provided baby tips, baby supplies and so much more! She kept in close contact with baby's Pediatrician because she was a premie. She'd weigh baby and give her an overall check up. As baby aged, her visits were less frequent. Sadly, we'll no longer receive her services because our baby will be turning two soon.

They are an amazing organization and I'd recommend them. For further information, please contact information below:

Nurses for Newborns of Missouri

Office Hours: 8:30 – 5:00

7259 Lansdowne, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63119

Phone: (314) 544-3433
Fax: (314) 544-3427
Toll Free: 1-800-45BIRTH

General Information: Linda Buechel
Media Contact: Melinda Ohlemiller
Public Relations: Linda Buechel
Volunteers & Supply Donations: Kate Steele
Development: Cynthia Danley
Grants: Rich Hennicke
Nursing: Ron Tompkins
Referrals: Megan Lengerman

Nurses for Newborns of Tennessee

Office Hours: 8 am – 4:30 pm

50 Vantage Way, Suite 101 Nashville, TN 37228

Phone: Toll Free: 1-888-654-7427

General Information: Arianne Ingber
Media Contact: Amanda Peltz
Public Relations and Events: Amanda Peltz
Volunteers and Supply Donations: Amanda Peltz
Development: Amanda Peltz
Grants: Amanda Peltz
Nursing: Gloria Morrison
Referrals: Arianne Ingber

View the maps below for directions!

Nurses For Newborns in St. Louis, MO

7259 Lansdowne Ave St. Louis, MO 63119:
7259 Lansdowne Ave, St. Louis, MO 63119, USA

get directions

Nurses For Newborns in Nashville, TN

50 Vantage Way Nashville, TN 37228:
50 Vantage Way, Nashville, TN 37228, USA

get directions



Medicare was and is a God Send! Due to being pregnant, I was able to get insurance for FREE! I had previously struggled getting adequate care due to lack of funds. It felt good to receive the necessary care that I needed. I wouldn't have been able to if I weren't pregnant. That realization never sat well with me. However, I'm glad that I was able to have it during that time in my life!

Because of Medicare, my child has been covered 100% since day 1!

Contact 1-800-MEDICARE for Original Medicare Billing Questions

Visit on the web to view the latest information on your claims. is Medicare’s secure online service for accessing your personal Medicare information. For immediate access to your claims information, visit on the web to register for this site.

As a registered user of, you can access your personalized information regarding your Medicare benefits and services. You can use to:

• View claim status (excluding Part D claims) • Order a duplicate Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) or replacement Medicare card. • View eligibility, entitlement, and preventive services information • View enrollment information including prescription drug plans • View or modify your drug list and pharmacy information • View address of record with Medicare and Part B deductible status • Access online forms, publications, and messages sent to you by CMS

Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048 You can also get information on your most recent claims without having to speak to a customer service representative.

Please be sure you have your Medicare number available before calling.

• Listen to the status of your claims. • Find out your current deductible status. • Listen to your current prescription drug plan enrollment. • Get more help with your Medicare questions. • Order Medicare publications. (Some are available in large print, Spanish, audio-tape, and Braille.)

Important Notes About 1-800-MEDICARE

You can hear a recording with answers to frequently asked questions, and can order publications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can talk with a customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are hearing impaired or speech impaired, call the TTY line toll-free at 1-877-486-2048.

• This number is for the hearing and speech impaired. • TTY (also known as Teletypewriter) is a terminal used for twoway text conversation over a telephone line. It is the primary tool used by deaf people (and some hard-of-hearing people) for telephone conversation.

Publication #11365


Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Program

I have to give a shout out to WIC! The program is a great starting point for expecting mothers. I recommend signing up once your doctor confirms you're pregnant.
They give support during and after pregnancy in a multitude of ways: Breastfeeding Tips, Nutrition, Baby Supplies, Periodically Checking Baby's Weight, etc.

You will receive Food Vouchers every 2 months or so to purchase food for FREE! The food is for you and baby's nourishment so it's a wonderful program to enroll in! I believe enrollment lasts until your child turns 5. It's best to check with your local WIC to be sure.

They will also hook you up with contact information for other organizations that can provide you with additional services.

To learn more about the WIC Program, click on the link below:

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