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The Ultimate Family Outing Wagon | A Kids Wagon Tricked Out For Family Outings

Updated on October 20, 2012
The Ultimate Family Outing Wagon
The Ultimate Family Outing Wagon
Tri-fold Cushion can be made into seat
Tri-fold Cushion can be made into seat
Tri-fold Cushion can be made into bed
Tri-fold Cushion can be made into bed
Complete Conestoga cover
Complete Conestoga cover
Optional seat belts and upgrade buckboard style seats.
Optional seat belts and upgrade buckboard style seats.

You have probably seen families using little red kids wagons at outings, such as parks, fairs, and theme parks, where the family comes to spend a full day.

You probably have never seen one of these wagons all tricked out like this one.

This is the ultimate family party wagon, complete with bed, cooler and sun cover!

Color options even come in red, blue, John Deere Green, and Pink.

Best of all they are USA Amish quality built in a shop that has been making them since 1962.

In place of strollers these little wagons allow the child to sit up and take in the day long events, and then when its nap time they have a ready made bed to take a snooze while the rest of the family keeps on going.

They also allow a place to haul all the purchases for the day.

Large rubber Air tires roll easily on gravel, turf, and uneven terrain, where the small wheels on strollers tend to hang up or become difficult to push.

At home the accessories can be removed and used as a regular kids wagon or a working chore wagon, for gardening cleaning up the yard, hauling out the trash, and just about anything else.

The top and cooler rack can also be easily removed and assembled to load in the back of a regular minivan of SUV

The ultimate family outing wagon would include a sun cover, a seat, or fold out cushion, and then the most important item would be the cooler hooked on to the back to hold a day of drinks, lunch and snacks.

The cooler alone can save a family from spending all that money at the concession stands and restaurants, which always charge premium prices.

The seats can be equipped with seat belts, if your little one likes to get adventurous.

Think of it as a miniature minivan that will keep the day organized and where you don’t end up having to carry a tired cranky child as you try to still enjoy and take in the afternoon events.

These are not cheaply made imported wagons, they are Amish quality built to last for a stepladder of kids, and maybe even for the next generation.

All the Amish wagons use auto style steering, making them more stable turning sharp corners. A fifth wheel steering will tend to dump when making those same tight turns.

Wagons come in all many different sizes starting at 33” long going up to 48” long. All accessories are optional to select only the ones you need.

In addition to the sun top option, a full Conestoga cover is available to replicate the famous old wagons used by families to move Westward.

These Amish wagons and accessories can be purchased at Cottage Craft Works .com


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