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The Wonders of Being a Mother

Updated on April 28, 2012

From the moment a mother learns that she is pregnant, she immediately takes on the challenge of being a parent. Within the first nine months of feeling that young person starting to take breathe in her belly, she takes the process of preparing herself for her newborn.

This however is not the case for every woman [or girl at that case] who is in the path of becoming a mother.

There are those who have to deal with several complications along the way of preparing themselves. Many today are even caught in pregnancy without wanting the whole idea of it. Unplanned pregnancy is a widely recognized problem around the globe at present. With the aggressive attitude of the young generation and the supposedly "adventurous" consideration that the human society have come to embrace with regards the condition of presenting themselves to sexual activities, the results of unplanned pregnancies continues to rise every year.

Other women on the other hand are stuck in being a mother due to unprecedented events that happened in their lives; a reason for them to despise their being and the infant growing inside them. As a result to this, some decide to undergo abortion. The decision of doing so come from many reasons. No matter what the reason is, there is one single truth that binds the supposed "mothers" who undergo this process, they barely know the essence of being a woman. No matter where the child came from, may it be an expected or an unexpected pregnancy, may it be wanted or unwanted, may it be the right time or not, a child is a child; and that means life.

Making another mistake atop another is one of the most common mistakes pregnant women make when they decide to abort an unborn child, wishing to undo the wrong acts they may have incurred in the past.

What of the others who have decided to keep their child?

Motherhood after birth is a journey. It is a process of knowing and understanding how to cope with the need of being a guidance to a young individual, being the protection that an infant needs and being a mentor and a teacher that a young child requires as he grows older. A mother tends to both the emotional and physical needs of a child. The role a mother takes in the earlier years of a child's life takes on as a marking thought throughout the young one's being as he grows towards maturity.

In the process of taking care of a child, there would be victories and failures, there would be times of joy and some others of frustrations. All these situations and experiences teaches a woman who she really is. Being a mother is a gift not only of being able to affect another individual, but to of being able to see one's self differently. Yes, there would be some setbacks during the process of realizing one's role as a mother. But that is the wonder of the challenge, being able to pass through all these setbacks sets a mother right on track and ready to provide what her child requires.

The fruits of a mother's desire to provide the best for her child and the efforts she make to assure that her child grows in the right path, protected from the woes of this world, comes in great amount. The happiness that successful motherhood brings shall mark a woman's completeness... a being no one could ever change.

A mother has to undergo different adjustments, challenges in life and other situations that compromises their thoughts and decisions. All these makes motherhood a wonderful path towards achieving a good life for their child..
A mother has to undergo different adjustments, challenges in life and other situations that compromises their thoughts and decisions. All these makes motherhood a wonderful path towards achieving a good life for their child.. | Source

A Mother's Being Marks Her Children for Life

Truthfully, mothers take different roles in the house. Not only are they the teachers of their children, but they are also the keepers of their homes. There are instances when due to the uncanny situations that this world offers, mothers are needed to work hand in hand with their husbands in the aim of looking for extra sources of income. Willingly, women respond to these needs to keep their families happy. However, due to the many pressures, women sometimes reach their breaking point. There are instances when they get tired and feel like as if their role as a mother has become an unbearable challenge. While work might sustain some of their family needs, there are times when too much working drives away the mothers from their children due to little time that they have in their homes. Sadly, around 60% of today's modern family experience the said dilemma of losing their mothers to the works that the women are engaging in.

Repeatedly, parents, especially mothers, are being reminded how important their role is to the young ones during their formative years. It is during this time that the children's minds are molded into understanding what is right and wrong and what is moral from what is not. If not carefully assisted by a loving parent, children resort to televisions and peers and often get the wrong education that molds their being. True, mothers today face the important challenge of bringing up moral children in such an immoral world, and doing so takes time.

It is for this reason that mothers who are definitely observant about their role as mentors of their children need to take on compromises. Perhaps adjust family budget to make sure that working would not be their primary concern. True, learning and accepting a mother's role is not an easy task, but if handled properly, the returns even comes in threefold: one, a mother becomes satisfied of what she sees about her children growing up as responsible adults, two, a mother becomes satisfied about herself, three, she becomes a contributor towards making a better society for the next generation to live in.

True, whatever a mother teaches marks her children for life.

This is why when entering the realm of motherhood, a woman must think, am I ready for the challenges? With premarital sex and sexual promiscuity becoming a common matter in the world today, the production of young mothers who later on get shocked about their new found responsibility has become a common picture as well. Truthfully, this is the reason why it is hoped that families somehow impose their children with the right attitude towards sexual issues therefore protecting them from the woes of early marriage or early parenthood at that. With sexual activities come extensive responsibilities and this is the reason why it is very important for the parents to work alongside their children on this issue.

Yes, mothers and even fathers take center stage in setting a breeding ground for morality among their children and within the society. Are you a parent? It is simply hoped that you are not too busy to handle your child's future with proper care.


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    • profile image

      4 years ago

    • slaffery profile image

      slaffery 6 years ago from Kansas, USA

      Beautiful. You did a great job on this. Voted up

    • rutheddavid profile image

      Ruth Serrano 6 years ago from Philippines

      you're right kerlynb...

      many women today have to deal with so many issues and being a mother is just a part of it.. :) that's the real essence of being a woman.. and we ought to be glad we are one... :)

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Everything you said just made me think even more that mothers, females, must really try their best to empower themselves - at home, work, and community. So much depends on mothers. I oftentimes think that they just need to be superwomen to do all those things!