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The Worst Things About Being A Mother

Updated on April 28, 2015

Fairy Tales From Family to Strangers

When you first discover that you are pregnant, all you worry about is having a healthy and happy baby. You prepare your home, car, and life for the welcoming of this new addition with invisions of smiles and laughter ahead. Everyone you see, from family to complete strangers will tell you how rewarding parenting is and how great it is to have a precious bundle of joy in your arms. Unfortunately, no one ever tells new and expecting mothers about the worst things about being a mother.

It is a well known fact that many first time mothers struggle with the overwhelming stress that comes with taking care of their first child. The exhaustion, frustration, and anger you feel towards those fairy tale stories everyone told you just brews inside of you waiting to explode. Well this list is a series of some of the worst things you can expect when your new bundle of joy arrives, to help lessen those unexpected and not so pleasant surprises that you will face in the future. This list will help relieve some stress and spark a slight smile for the mothers who are already experiencing these unfortunate milestones.

Welcome To Parenthood

1. Lookout mom, your little baby boy/girl is about to give you some unexpected surprises! Everyone knows that changing a diaper is never going to be fun. Most mothers do not realize that their tiny baby has the ability to get poop from front to back, up their onesie, and into their belly button. Be sure to have lots of extra wipes handy because the second you get your little one all cleaned with a new diaper on, they will need to be changed in 3.5 seconds.

2. A baby spitting up is completely normal. In fact, most babies have GERD, which is simply a fancy way of saying acid reflux. But, be prepared because when they do spit up, it will seems like the equivalent to half of the bottle that they just devoured. You can be rest assured that your new wardrobe will consist of mostly spit up.

3. Say goodbye to hot meals! After a long day of house chores, work, and taking care of a child, nothing sounds more appealing then a hot meal. However, don't get to comfortable because little junior is sure to wake up the moment you sit down to try to eat.

4. Stranger Danger! Those days when you had to spend extra time at every store, gas station, salon, or virtually anywhere because someone wanted to talk about your baby or touch your belly are finally over. Just don't expect to be cutting your time short when little miss is around because she is now the center of everyones attention. Nothing like having 20 strangers touching and trying to hold your baby.

5. Sleeping in is now a thing of the past and its never going to change. Remember those days when you got to sleep in those few extra hours on the weekend? Just because the baby has started sleeping through the night doesn't mean you will get a full nights rest. Those 5am mornings come fast and your baby likes to keep a schedule.

6. The lets go out challenge. Once you have spent endless hours and countless days loving and caring for your new one, you just want a few hours out to enjoy something you haven't gotten to do in a while. Lining up a babysitter was easy, theres lots of friends and family willing to do the watching for you. Unfortunately, just as your getting ready to go out, suddenly everyone you know has turned into a threat to your baby. You are afraid of anything and everything happening to them while you are gone and believe that no one will be able to care for your child. Never mind that your mother raised you to a grown adult, tis means nothing now!

7. Germ Freak. You may have never acknowledged germs in your past; but, now everything has deadly germs that has to be disinfected immediately. Wiping down table legs and chairs is okay, it when you start to spray lysol on your house guests that's a little to far.

8. The look alike. It seems immediate that when a baby is born people feel the need to discover who the baby looks like. All mothers love to hear that their baby looks just like them. Its when they start saying your baby looks like your mother, grandma, father, or anyone else in the family that starts to get at you. What am I chopped liver?

9. Random Crying is completely normal. There will be times when the baby cries...a lot. Nothing is going right that day, work was horrible, the house is a wreck, you can't get your little one to calm down. Suddenly, you will break down in uncontrollable sobbing and weeping like your pet just died.

10. Growing up. Through all the stress and frustration, suddenly your little one is already 6 months old. Where did the time go? Your growing up to fast! It is the worst feeling to know that the younger months go by so fast, leaving mere memories of once stressful times that turned into something amazing.

It's Worth It In The End

Despite the worst of the worst things that come with parenting; your tiny baby truly is one of the most precious things you will ever experience. Parenting is not easy and it never will be. All kids cry, they get hurt, they make messes, its all a part of life. It is important to understand that it does get easier and it will all be worth it in the end. These tips are designed to help new parents find the humor in some of the frustration they are feeling and know that it is normal to feel this way. If you ever feel extremely overwhelmed, follow these tips to help you calm down:

- Always call a friend or a family member if you need help or feel like you are just to stressed to handle your child on your own. There is no shame in asking for help and there are people willing to lend you a hand.

- If your baby is constantly crying and you cannot soothe him/her, leave the room so you can calm down and gather yourself before trying again.

- Its okay to take break. If you need moment to yourself, ask your spouse or someone you trust to watch your little one while you go out and get some you time.

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