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The ant and the grasshopper - story telling for kids

Updated on February 19, 2015

The ant and the grasshopper - Aesops fables

The ant and the grasshopper is a story from the famous collection of Aesop's fables. Like many such tales and fables this story has a moral. As a short story for kids it can be told to entertain and educate kids. Most kids love stories. Story time is eagerly awaited and story telling is much appreciated. Reading out stories to kids is thought to be a wonderful practice.

Read on below the fable of the ant and the grasshopper

The ant and the grasshopper
The ant and the grasshopper

Antsy Ant was very hard working. She lived near a field. Grassy Grasshopper also lived in the same area.She never did any work. She just sat under a tree and lazed all day long. Grassy also fancied herself to be a great musician. When she was not lazing under the tree, you could see her walking about here and there with some musical instruments.

One bright summer day Grassy was relaxing under a shady tree. She saw Antsy go forth to and fro several times. She was carrying a grain of wheat each time from the field which she carefully deposited in her house. Since Antsy was so small she could only carry one grain of wheat at a time. But she tirelessly walked to and fro all day long.

The grasshopper laughs at the ant

"What are you doing, Antsy?" asked Grassy. "Why are you going up and down all day long. Even watching you makes me tired. Why don't you come and rest under this tree?"

"I am gathering wheat as you can see Grassy," said Antsy.

"But why so much wheat Antsy? Surely you can't eat that much." said Grassy.

"I am saving food for the winter," said Antsy. "In these bright summer days, gathering food is not a problem. It is easy. But once winter sets in, it will be freezing. There will be snow all over. then we will not be able to go out and get food. hence it is better to save some food for winter now itself."

"Ha ha ha," laughed Grassy. "Antsy, winter is so far away. Why think of it now. You look so silly carrying one grain of wheat at a time all day. Drop that and come and sit with me. Relax, listen to some music, have fun. It is so shady under this tree."

The ant carries on undeterred

But Antsy Ant paid no heed. "Winter will come and sooner than you think. I shall carry on with my work." And Antsy went on her way.

Grassy had another good laugh and continued to laze under the tree.

Days passed by. As Antsy kept at her work, Grassy lazed around exerting himself only to eat.

Then winter came. The days became short. It was very cold. Antsy Ant sat happily inside her warm little house. Due to her hard work in summer she had no shortage of food and no need to go out in the cold.

The grasshopper shivers in the cold

And what about Grassy. She was shivering in the cold. Her shady tree was no longer so comfortable. Poor Grassy had not thought to even make a small house in the summer. She wandered about here and there looking for a warm place to rest. She had great trouble finding any food.

Soon it started snowing. The cold was unbearable and there was no food available.

Grassy thought, "I wish I had listened to Antsy and kept aside some food for the winter. I wish I had made a small house. How nice it would be now to find some shelter from the cold. Whatever shall I do now?"

The grasshopper appeals to the ant

Finally Grassy decided to appeal to Antsy Ant. She slowly made her way to Antsy's house. She knocked at her door.

"Who is it," called out Antsy from inside.

"It is me, Grassy," cried Grassy.

"Oh! I thought you must be relaxing under your shady tree," mocked Antsy.

"My tree is covered with snow, Antsy. I am terribly cold. I have no place to go, and there is no food to eat. I have been really foolish, Antsy. I should have followed your example and saved something for the winter. Whatever shall I do now?" cried Grassy.

Antsy was a kind ant. She really couldn't bear to see anyone suffer. She opened her door.

"Do come in Grassy," she welcomed. "You can stay with me in my warm house for now. There is also enough food for both of us here. "

And Grassy went in and stayed with Antsy. But she had learnt an important lesson. She was quite a changed grasshopper thereafter.

Stories for kids

There are many such stories for kids in collections of stories and fables like the Aesop's fables, Panchatantra, Jataka tales, etc. These are quite popular among children. Many of these stories present a moral. There are thus a great many moral stories for kids.

Stories for kids - videos

Many kids love to see such stories animated as videos. There are a large number of kids story videos available. Many of these videos are quite short (up to a few minutes or lessor), and many kids (who often have a low attention span) love them.

Click here to see videos of several stories for kids

Story for kids video - The thirsty crow

Story for kids video - the boy who cried wolf


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