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The battle of the potty, who's easier to train; girls or boys?

Updated on February 1, 2009

Who potty trains easier?

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Potty Training

I have five children and of the five the oldest three are boys and my youngest two are girls.

With my oldest son, being a first time parent, potty training was hectic. When my son reached three, the doctor said it was time to try potty training. Ok, let’s go buy a potty. Do you know how many different kinds of potties there are on the market. It’s outrageous. It does not need bells and whistles, but first time potty trainers that’s what we thought. We thought “he has to be trained”. So when it didn’t just really happen on it’s own, I got frustrated. My son got frustrated too. It was as if my three year old was rebelling against the potty. We gave up for maybe a month. When we tried again he was ready to potty train. And did in less than a week.

My second born son did everything so fast from his birth to potty training. It was almost as if there wasn’t any time in between. He was two and a half, and eager to train because he was in competition with his older brother being as they were only fifteen months apart. He basically self-potty trained himself.

My youngest son on the other hand was almost four when he potty trained. He had no desire to use the potty. We were desperate to have him out of diapers, we already had a two year old and a two month old in diapers, and diapers are very expensive. His potty training experience was extremely difficult. He was scared to go to the potty. He refused to poopie in the potty. He said he was afraid it was going to touch his bottom. Weird because that’s exactly what it did when he pooed in his diaper. After about two weeks of peeing in the potty and still pooing in his diaper he finally decided to poo in the potty as well. To this day for some strange reason he is still afraid to go potty alone. By the time he turned four he was completely potty trained. However the transition to the big potty was another ordeal all by it’s self. I don’t know if it was because of his tiny frame and such a big hole that maybe he had a fear of falling in or perhaps it was something else. When asked what he was afraid of his reply was simply this “I’m only afraid of one thing, and that’s everything!”

With my oldest daughter, my fourth born child, an unexpected illness made her use the potty. I wasn’t really ready for her to use the potty yet. She complained of her bottom hurting. We chalked it up to diaper rash. Looking at it now I wish that’s what it was. Well she was confused as to her front and back, when it hurt. We incorporated cranberry juice and water thinking it was a mild bladder infection, that we could flush it with the juice and water. Boy were we wrong. Every five minutes my little girl cried while peeing and wanting to do it on the potty. We took her to the doctor and it was such a severe bladder infection they put her on one of the strongest antibiotics there is for bladder infections, only to find out four days after she started it that it wasn’t the right antibiotic for her type of bladder infection. All this time she’s still crying while using the potty. The only reason I found out she was on the wrong med’s was because she was still in pain and I called the doc again. So after taking the wrong med’s for four day’s and now having to start a new one for ten more days, I was pretty upset. And her being only two years old, refusing to take the med’s, telling her your sorry she has to take them, all along thinking they are going to make her better. Because that’s what we told her with the first one, “baby girl it’s only going to make you feel better when you go potty”, and it’s not, it’s hard doing it all over again with another med now. She’s still on the antibiotic now but defiantly having relief now, and only two days left on the med’s. She is completely potty trained!

My youngest daughter who is only one, will be a future hub or an edit to this one.

In my opinion so far I think that girls are easier than boys to potty train. We’ll see after my next baby girl gets potty trained. All children are different and are going to go through things differently, so this poll is just for fun.

Advice that I have to offer is that you don’t force potty training, your individual child will let you know when he or she are ready to master the potty. And when they master the potty they seem to grow up ten times faster.


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    • Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

      Jesus_saves_us_7 9 years ago from Seeking Salvation


      thanks for reading and commenting.

      i still have one more girl, but so far i think it's still girls are easier.

    • profile image

      sis5511 9 years ago

      I have to agree. I have one of each and my daughter trained younger and was easier to train.