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The best present to buy for a mother

Updated on May 10, 2013

The bond between mother and child is cemented whilst the child is still in the mother's womb. This grows as the child comes to know his/her immediate environment.The mother is always in the life of the child in thick and thin.I went out to find out from a cross section of mothers what they feel is the best present to be bought for them by their children. Mothers have been there for their children since birth.It is now time for the children to appreciate the good work done by their mothers by showing that they do care for them.Below are some of the views I gathered from mothers themselves suggesting what they feel are the ideal presents they expect from their children:

Rosemary: The ideal present I want from my child is a plant for the garden.I like to connect with nature so if she buys me a plant or some seeds to grow in my garden I will always remember it each day of my life and it will make me happy.

Angeline: I need a present I can feel, enjoy and appreciate everyday of my life.I like to be taken out for a meal time and again.This makes me happy and feel loved by my children.

Gertrude: Any mother would be happy if her children know her favourite flowers, birds, decorations or something else unique.I love flowers so I won't complain if my children buy flowers for me.I just want to feel loved and appreciated as a mother. I love all my children more than they will ever know.I just want to be remembered here and there.Life is for living.

Esther: A large picture frame that holds many pictures and can be hanged on the wall in the sitting room is good for me.I would put all the photos of my family and admire them everyday.I don't expect much from them really, just a little bit of effort from them is all I want.

Catherine: If my children can write a handwritten letter,sharing fond memories and recollections this will make me happy and in most cases it gives me a laugh.It makes me closer to my children each day I see and read the letter.I also want recollections which can make me cry.To be honest with you the compostion which was written by my son in high school explaining why he loves me as a mother is one of my treasured possessions at the moment.I love it because he was writing the truth from the bottom of his heart.No present can surpass that.

From this interview it has emerged that mothers don't expect much from their children but those things we may undermine make them happy.I feel it is sensible enough to ask our mothers what type of presents they want before we buy them. Mothers are so important in the lives of children,as for my mother I bought her a painting of a zebra and she was over the moon.Up to now whenever I visit my mother I always see the painting hanged on the wall, it shows how much she values it. It has been many years since I bought it for her but she treasures it.

A present to be bought for a mother need not cost millions, what is needed when buying presents for mothers in appreciation of the good work they have done for us since birth, is to follow our hearts and buy presents which have an everlasting appeal to them. Presents they can see, touch, feel,taste and smell are the best since they engage all the five senses.Mothers have been there for us in highs and lows. It is now our turn to thank them for the gift of life they gave us. Mothers deserve better, let us spoil them whilst they are still part of us and part of this world. If we delayto please them tomorrow might never come.


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