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The best skin cleanser for your baby

Updated on October 21, 2011

The best skin cleanser that I have found for my baby is Dove brand sensitive skin beauty bar. Reasonably priced typically at a set of 2 bars for $3, these bars are very gentle and hypoallergenic. Your babies' skin will stay smooth and beautiful like the day they were born. You shouldn't see any bumps or rashes appear when using this product. If you do see your baby developing some sensitivity after a period of time, I suggest that you simply throw away the bar and replace it with a new one of the same Dove brand. This is because bacteria may begin to form with any bar of soap after too much time passes. That is why many people nowadays are wary of using bars of soap especially for handwashing and would instead prefer to use liquid soap from a dispenser. The tops of dispensers can also develop bacteria so even hands free dispensers are becoming more and more popular for use.

Nevertheless, the Dove brand sensitive skin beauty bar (which comes in white packaging) is great. Even if you can't use a bar to its last little bit because you need to replace it with a fresh one, it is still worth it to use it.

Although I only use Dove, I think that if you are looking for a #2 choice, an alternative with similar gentle cleansing properties, it would be Ivory soap. It has also been recommended by some pediatricians.

The ingredient list for Dove sensitive skin beauty bar which has 1/4 moisturizing cream and is fragrance free is as follows:

"sodium lauroyl isethionate, stearic acid, sodium tallowate or sodium palmitate, lauric acid, sodium isethionate, water, sodium stearate, cocamidopropyl, betaine or sodium c14-c16 olefin sulfonate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, sodium chloride, tetrasodium edta, tetrasodium etidronate, maltol, titanium dioxide". The ingredients are protected by patents.


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