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The child MUST be done by age to forge independence

Updated on August 7, 2016

Little children are always in the eyes of the parents

Little children are always in the eyes of the parents, but the best way that parents should do with children is the right time to let go, do not do all the work for child protection. Here is the work by age that the baby needs to be able to forge good for children to be independent and help them increase the ability to handle situations better in life.

From 3-4 years old

Children free play time

It would be great if you have independent relationships outside and have time to hang around. If your child went to school a few days a week, the baby could have built those relationships and be ready for this. If not, start by letting them to play with the neighborhood kids to have peace of mind.

Learning how to use a knife

"To prepare the food themselves from the outset by a knife would encourage children know how to protect themselves" - Dr. Swanson - who have children know peanut butter spread with a knife from before kindergarten - said . As infants age 6, she had to cut the cake with a knife baby to bigger and observing children - "This creates independence for both mother and baby."

- Little more than 4 years old

For children go camping

Why go camping independence? No parents! She may come the day camps like never attended school since kindergarten, have the children ready for it earlier than usual, although there are not until 8-12 year old kid can do accustomed to this.

- On 6

1 to walk short distances

Neighborhood is safe or not, young children and babies are more reckless than other children. If you have never let me go out alone, start by letting them play in the front yard. And if you have not found willing, this is a good time to take advantage of the relationship with the neighborhood. Parents can send their children to your home, the first time your child observe from a distance, through the window, for example, then, when the familiar, so your baby can walk to school or go to familiar places.

- Layer 1, Layer 2

Let the children run to the convenience store to buy milk, let him count the money, talk to strangers, consider everything when shopping while their parents watching from afar. The work may sound dull and normal adults, but is a pleasant experience and very rewarding for young children.

- From 11-14 years old

To the shopping / watching movies with friends

This is way to young to respect the time and controlling money. But if it's too risky, parents can start with the easier as a high school student to accompany children to 3 commercial centers / cinemas - where they can roam for hours ( if you could not bear to leave, can linger to drink a cup of coffee waiting for them).

- From 18 years old

Send children to college. This will be a special milestone marks the maturity of the child and requires you to apply to a lot of life skills when no longer with parents.

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