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The Easy Secret of Energy and Production

Updated on February 22, 2019
Reina Aleman profile image

Reina is a single mom and has 4 kids but despite of busy schedules she takes time to write an article and she loves doing it.

I made a concerted effort over the past year to seize the day through a strong morning routine. I started to set my alarm earlier, waking frequently at 5:30 a.m. Run or class of hot yoga.At 6:30 a.m. I would look at my computer screen a while, could not form words because my brain still didn't work, and for most of those early hours I would stop making my to - do list.It was time to pick my three kids up at school, and I had been drinking tea, felt cricky for most of the day, died for a nap about 02:30 in the afternoon.

Most days I felt quite productive, but I felt very tired as well. The extra few hours I've got in the morning have been lost until the midday slump.The routine was also unsustainable. I felt like I could sleep forever if I forgot to alarm or decided to rest on the weekend.Earlier and earlier, I set my bedtime to fight fatigue and roll sometimes into bed at 8:30 p.m. Without an alarm, I still can't wake up.

See, I was great to structure my fitness, meditation, work and planking routines in the morning, but I didn't have the energy to do it because I didn't first have a strong night routine.Usually, I've spent hours watching the TV or working on it before bed (because I haven't had much creative work done in the morning).

It had the impression that there wasn't enough sleep for me. I might sleep for eight or 12 hours but I still felt burdensome to pull myself off my bed if I'm up before the sun.Then a small change revolutionized my morning routine and brought about a whole bunch of big new habits.

So from start to finish I took a more holistic approach to my routine so that from the time I wake up until I walked to sleep every night, I could feel productive.It wasn't just going to bed early, but to bed attentively. I started putting my electronics up to bed and making sure I didn't spend my night in front of screens.I began to use the time to read and prepare the following day for my to - do list. My technological habits were difficult to kick in, but I saw in a couple of days that it worth it — I began to wake up before my alarm went, a major milestone.

Soon, from 5:30 to 5:45 a.m., I woke consistently, both my mind and my body, eager to come out of bed.But as long as I kept the screens behind, my tiring days stayed behind me. I was still looking forward to the inevitable tiredness to get me back into my old way.

Since I really thought about what I wanted, I rearranged my entire day to optimize my morning performance.In the morning I started to work lightly so I wasn't too tired to be creative for productive hours. Every day (and planning them ahead of time) I began eating my meals so my energy level would not be collapsing at midday.Most importantly, two hours before bed, I kept putting away every screen. I had read at least eight books per month in those evenings and was encouraging my creative work in the morning like nothing I'd never before known.

I still wonder some days when it will crash around me — yet I can not believe that my slow morning solution can be so disappointingly easy.

Each part of my routine supports the whole, but it was the change of the game that set it all on the screen. Not only can I rest every night, but I can also reflect on how I want to look and feel the next day.It gives me a start to choose better. It puts the routine into motion, and it felt I had all those hours of sleep preparing for what's next when the morning came. Actually, the day before it ever starts, I'm ready to take it.

Early rising with strong habits brings you some joy, which is believed only if experienced. We can only become our best ones if we live with joy.


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