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The rise of substance abuse in the US from Smiles

Updated on March 27, 2014

research chemicals 2ci

sMILES | Source

hallucinogenic drug abuse


2c-I or smiles is a rather new street drug that has started to gain more fame and substance abuse in the us . Smiles is a very potent drug, and have abuse effects that can give the user a high lasting anywhere from 4 hours to a couple of days and also has a high rate of addiction. It is said to bring on strong moments of hallucinations during the substance use and misuse. Abuse effects first seen in the early 2000’s and has already been banned in countries like the Netherlands and other European countries because of it’s high risk of user overdose and strong level of addiction. It has been seen in a couple of different forms, one form resembles bath salt or Epson salt which can be snorted or ingested. The other form is a tablet form which can be easily ingested. It is said that the drug is much like LSD, but even more potent when this substance use & misuse.

The abuse effects has already cost many young people their lives because of the strong effects associated with the drug. Johnny Lewis, an actor from the show Sons of Anarchy is said to have had a very strong violent reaction to the drug. He is said to have killed his landlord and then himself after substance use & misuse. The abuse effects of the drug vary from person to person. Some have complain of muscle tension, diarrhea, and nausea to strong hallucinations and night terrors during substance use and misuse. As stated before they can last up to a couple of days which can be a scary experience. Though not confirmed, some doctors believe that a strong enough dose of this drug could send the user into a stroke because of the extreme rate that the drug raises the users blood pressure. There has not been very much research done on this drug so there are still allot that is unknown.

It is important that people are fully aware of what they are taking. This drug is very potent, and a strong high has been experienced at even then smallest doses. As stated before there has not been allot of research on this drug so it is hard to tell what the long term effects could be on your body. Be careful when taking any pills by any unknown people, and look for the small I on any pills that are given to you. If you suspect that someone has taken this drug it is important that they are closely supervised as the potential for an overdose is very high with this drug.


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