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The goodness of Silence is it ever good?

Updated on June 3, 2017

The goodness of Silence is it ever good?

Silence is limitless or at least it can be, what is silence? Silence is the complete absence of sound, quiet, still, hush, tranquility according to the dictionary. My definition of silence is hearing nothing and letting your mind go to a tranquil place. Who doesn’t like silence? When there is silence in your life, you can think and get limitless amounts of things done. There are no distractions when everything is silent. If things are silent, you can pray, get your thoughts in order and relax. Silence can also be referred to as limitless absence of sound.

Silence for some is very difficult to deal with some people can't have silence in their lives at all. In order to get things done some people, have to always have noise. I am one of those people I can’t have complete silence at any time if I want to get things done. I like silence, sometimes. Do you like silence, do you think silence is a good thing? Most people would say they like silence, and it is a good thing because they can't get anything done with noise but not everyone is like that. Take kids for example when they are playing and you can't hear them you automatically think the worst that is when silence isn't good.

Silence is good because it is relaxing in some way, don’t you think? What do you think of silence, do you enjoy it? I enjoy it because being alone with my own thoughts helps my concentration. The goodness of silence is it helps most people get things done and stay on track. That is my definition of the silence and why I think it is good. The goodness of silence is to slow down. If you keep up your busy schedule and keep going faster it is usually louder, isn’t it? Silence is something everyone needs just to keep you sane.

I like sitting in silence, to clear my head. When I do that I realize how much I am just going through the motions rather than thinking of what I am doing. The more things, you have going on in your life, the louder everything sounds and the harder it is for you to focus on just one task that needs your attention do you agree or disagree with this statement? Do you like silence, do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing? I think silence is a good thing, it makes me think of relaxation even though I don't use silence much I still like it. who doesn’t like relaxation and silence? Silence can aggravate some people because they like to be busy and noise is what makes them feel complete.

Silence is good though too because tasks can be finished without distractions and when you are finished you will notice how much you can get done with it.

The Goodness of silence is it ever good?

Do you enjoy silence?

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Silence is Amazing Sometimes

Silence is good for thought process and finishing hard or long tasks. It is also good for thinking, most of my best thinking of things that I have to finish doing or what I want to do in the future is done in silence. Silence is great when you are trying to meditate or just think. Silence is something that everyone needs in their life, at some point because it does a person good to sit in silence just letting their mind go. So that their thoughts can organize other than while they are sleeping, and dreaming.

You never know what you can think up in silence. Sometimes when you are sitting in silence and you are trying not to think that is when the best ideas or laid plans come to mind. Silence, makes you relax more and realize what you have been missing out in while listening to all the noise that we all call life.

When the silence sets in, it is like we are taking a deep breath in and letting it out. As if the noise was us holding our breath for some reason, not that we needed too. But don't you ever get the feeling of holding your breath, in the noise and letting it out in the silence?

Silence is amazing sometimes because you get to see everything that you might have missed. With all the noise that is around that is, have you ever just stopped and closed your eyes just to calm your mind and try to get to that silent place, where you can feel things rather than see them even if you are in a place with lots of noise?

I have been in places with lots of noise but when I close my eyes everything becomes silent and I can see what I am meant to see, the beauty of the place that I am in rather than the busyness of it all. Isn't that what silence is meant for to see the limitless beauty in something rather than the limitless busyness of it that is always there anyway?

Silence is something that is always going to be around in limitless amounts but we are always going to have to look for it. The reason why we are always going to have to look for it is that most people like noise and busyness instead of sitting in silence and doing nothing just letting your mind clear and relax for a little while.

When I am trying to organize my thoughts or think of new ideas to write about I like silence, and when I need silence I usually go outside and sit by the pond or on the deck, just to get away for everything that can distract me, sometimes I will even leave my cell phone inside the house and I usually don't go anywhere

without it.

Silence comes in many forms.
Silence comes in many forms.

Silence can be Limitless

Silence can be limitlessly good for a person because they can relax and destress in it rather than being so uptight and busy all the time with all the noise that is around. I find that if I am stressed it is because of how busy I am and how much noise I have been around, but once I get to a place where it is silent I calm down and relax letting my mind organize the way it is meant to and forget about everything else around me until I am calm enough to deal with it again. What about you? Silence can be limitless sometimes because if you can't work with things on then when you work for long periods of time in the silence it could feel limitless.

Do you think that silence being limitless is a good thing? Let's Discuss

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