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The largest playpens and play yards on the market - Where to find the biggest play yards

Updated on October 17, 2017
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Playpens and playards

Playpens and playards have earned a bad reputation over the years. Playpens and playards have been coined with various references including "baby jails" that will hamper your child's development, the ability to crawl around freely and discover things.

On the other hand, playpens and playards (often referred to as play yards) are very practical and helpful for the busy parent. If you have to cook in the kitchen or give any other chore your attention, you know that your baby is safe.

The problem with playpens and playards comes when they are made so small. They are restrictive and keep the child a bit too confined.

Many years ago, playpens or playards used to be made much larger but now a large one is not easy to come by. Here are my top 2 picks for the largest playpens and playards on the market today.

With enough research, you can find your ideal playpen that is suitable for your child. If size and lots of room to play is a big concern for you as it was for me, then I think these 2 choices are your best bet.

 The Joovy playard below boast a 5 star customer rating. Parents are really pleased with it. It does not offer as much room for movement as my #1 pick below but it is well padded and babies have been known to fall asleep and nap in them. I saw one photo of 5 month twins lying side by side in it to rest.

#2 Joovy - Room Squared Playard

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Coming in at #1 is the "Awesome" playard which truly is awesome. Easy to assemble, it includes 8 panels that make for a very spacious playard. This is the one the I , myself have chosen to purchase and the experience has been great so far.

This playard is available at various vendors including Amazon and Walmart. I followed the advice of customer reviews that I read prior to purchasing. The playard includes cute stickers that can be stuck on the panels but your child might try to peel them off. It might be best to decide not to use them.

This playpen can range in price from $130 to $200 depending on sales. A play mat can be purchased separately for around $30.

#1 Awesome baby kids playpen

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 Also very large but not making my list of top recommended playards are those that are made to enclose children OR animals. Many people keep their pet dogs in the same enclosure that can be used for a child. It is a plain color with no toys and is not stimulating for a child or something that the child would enjoy being in is what many customer reviews say. They are usually made of a heavy plastic but look like a metal fence and some parents just don't like the idea of keeping their children in the same pen that is used for animals.

Additionally though, an investigation showed that these type of playpens have been beneficial for some parents. Some who have a lot of floor space have bought 2 or more of them and linked them together, giving a child lots of room to play but blocking off access to potentially dangerous things like a mounted television.

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      RoseWhiteDusk 4 years ago

      The Graco TotBloc Pack 'N Play Playard has the same square footage as the Joovy but costs a good bit less. About the only thing I can see that would lean someone toward the Joovy instead is the extremely simple, unadorned, plain look, touted as "clean contemporary design," whereas the TotBloc is bright primary multicolor with cute bug-design toys worked into the mesh walls. However, I haven't worked with either of those playpens; it's possible that Joovy has sturdier materials/construction or something to help justify the significantly higher price.