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The lesson's that my children teach me

Updated on March 5, 2013

I am a 31 year old dad of a 4 year old girl and an 18 month year old boy. And it never ceases to amaze me how switched on children are, they are little people with their own personalities and opinions. Our children are very much the same as their parent's, to look at them both you know who their parents are.

They also look incredibly like each other, although obviously the different gender separates them from been identical. I find it strange the way that i can get them to both laugh and their laugh is indistinguishable from each other.

My son doing the driving.
My son doing the driving.

I have noticed now, how much our daughter has hit the stage of mini rebellion! Yes, she may only be four years old but she knows what she wants( It is usually a lollipop or doughnut). I am sure the rest of you parents reading this can relate to my daughters Four coming on thirteen attitude. I am reasonable sure i will be pulling my hair out with her, I am sure she will turn my long blond hair grey first though. I thought i would write down a few of the lessons she has freely taught me.

  1. Bedtime is apparently negotiable or is controlled by the Disney channel.
  2. Whatever i am eating is more desirable than what she eats, even if its identical.
  3. Ice Cream is a healthy start to the day.
  4. Cuddles come during Ad breaks- don't ask during Handy Manny.
  5. Baked beans have to be served without tomato sauce.
  6. You must have a Bacon sandwich every day.
  7. We will be getting a Dog for Christmas.
  8. Every toy on advertisements goes on the Birthday wish list.
  9. We are camping out in the back garden even if its cold, wet, or winter. The tent can fit only one person and a toy in.
  10. Been good is to be rewarded with a flump- she will tell you she has been good all the time.
  11. Her holding a crayon in her hand, and the wall been scribbled on does not make her guilty.
  12. Her signing her name on said scribble, does not mean she did it.
  13. Cars, Buses and Trains guarantee a toilet break every 10 minutes.
  14. The sun is out, its beautifully warm and dry. She wears wellies and overcoat.
  15. Shopping becomes more expensive when children accompany.
  16. Toy fairies tidy up the play area.
  17. Every object is breakable.
  18. If you need money just withdraw it from the cash point.
  19. Lollipops are part of the five a day.
  20. Washing hair is an annual event.

My little girl feasting.
My little girl feasting.

Our son Morgan has taught me some new lessons to his sisters, and given me a refresher course into the behaviour of toddlers. Morgan is a lot more vocal and headstrong compared to his sister, i only hope it is a phase he is going through. I have been told that is the case, although they said the time window for change is anytime from now to eighteen years time!!

This is what Morgan has taught me.

  1. Any object can be thrown at you.
  2. Long hair must be tied back near him.
  3. Expect only 10% of given food to be digested at feed time.
  4. His Teddy bear is a fickle friend.
  5. Clothes should never be white.
  6. Nappies restrict his need for nudity.
  7. You can't block out babies screams.
  8. Music does not tame the savage beast, it only blocks out the noise!
  9. You can go from resenting to loving them to bits in a split second.
  10. You can go from Loving to resenting them in a split second.
  11. Whatever you have in your hand is fascinating.
  12. They find all animals curious yet funny.
  13. When they hug, they mean it.
  14. Nappies should self clean.
  15. You will find dinner in their ears.
  16. They only play with the annoying toys
  17. A Tantrum and cry is a regular event.
  18. Sometimes they can't remember why they are crying.
  19. Grandparents are more fun than you.
  20. Whoever gets them out the cot is the favourite parent until feeding time.

When we had our first child we set off on our great voyage of parenting, for every low there is a high. And i don't think i can ever stop worrying or loving these little versions of my wife and i! We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to! The good times are remembered and the upsets are chalked down to experience. Been a parent is more than a full time job its a way of life


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