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The loss of my baby, were we cursed?

Updated on September 3, 2015

I tried not to believe that we were cursed-I believed we were gaining an angel!


"Jeffrey do you see what we got for you?"

I wrote the poem below in honor of my first born child, Jeffrey Oliver, who was a full-term stillborn. (Full-term stillborn means that the baby was healthy and growing for nine months in the womb but was born dead or died right after birth). I still remember the agony I felt when they told me there was no heartbeat. I still remember packing up the crib, the clothes and the bottles as tears flowed down my cheeks. I would hold each item near my heart and whisper “Jeffrey do you see what we got for you?”

The baby growing.
The baby growing. | Source

The Blessing of a Baby

Brightness filled her days as her belly swelled, preparing for the coming event.

The crib, the rattles, the clothes and bottles, oh how much money she’d spent.

The family all cheered as the moment drew near, their patience was nearly gone.

When would the child come out of the womb and finally become daughter or son?

The final visit with doctor and nurse to verify that all would go well.

A picture of baby floating in tight quarters waiting for nature’s bell.

But the information they find must be wrong; how could it be otherwise?

The child, they say, has passed away, their spirit has flown to the skies.

What was the reason?

I do not know if my family has been cursed; I have always believed it was because we needed angels to watch over us for some reason. I know that each of the daughters in our family (including my grandmother's grandmother's mother) have all lost babies and the majority of them have lost their first baby. I hope, with all of the technology now at hand, that no other of our family will suffer such a fate. I do know that my own daughter was next in line to have a baby and we were so worried that she might lose the child as all had done before her; but she had a beautiful baby girl who is now a teenager. We did it!

Floated in my consciousness like fish in water


More to the story

When I was little, my mother used to tell me that she had lost a baby full-term stillborn. I did not understand what she meant. But every year we went to a cemetery and visited a grave with initials carved into a rough hewn stone. Then when I became ‘old enough to understand’ , I was told that my grandmother and my mother’s sister had all lost their first babies. Again, the information just floated on the surface of my consciousness, like the fish in the water, until that fateful day when I lost my beautiful baby boy with thick dark hair and a beautiful angelic face. Then I understood all too well what she had been saying.

I would not be able to visit the grave of my little boy because my husband at the time was in the military and we were stationed a long distance from my home town. There is no stone to visit. No place to put flowers and tell him how much I love him. No place, that is, except in my heart.

Do I believe in curses? No, but I do believe that things happen for a reason. Whether it was a curse or something else, I guess we will never know. But I have found my peace and I hope everyone has a chance to find theirs.

The loss

Losing a child, no matter whether you are the mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even friend or neighbor, is hard to deal with. However, being a mother who has lost a child, I am somewhat biased on how I feel. I think a mother, who builds a special bond with her baby while still carrying her precious cargo in her belly, has the hardest time getting over the loss. As I said, I am a bit biased. But I believe I have that right.

I wonder why our family was chosen to suffer so many child deaths. Were we cursed? Were all of our daughters to suffer the same fate? But then, I try to console myself with the belief that they may have been needed elsewhere. Is that true? I don’t know, but it has helped me to cope with the burden of losing so many babies in our family, and especially with losing mine. We all must continue on and do our very best to follow what our hearts tell us must be done.

I sit sometimes, watching the snow fall, or seeing the Christmas Lights flash or a toy train racing in circles and feel a tear escape and slide down my cheek for the baby boy I never got to hold and tell I loved. But, I love him just the same and I know my family loves all of the ones who have died throughout the generations. And then I remember that I have children, and grandchildren. I can hold them and love them. I have not lost a child, I have gained love for he is in my heart.

Sometimes a distraction can also help you see the beauty and wonder of this world.

Something to bring a smile to your lips and your heart.
Something to bring a smile to your lips and your heart. | Source

Talking about it helps

Sometimes, talking about the loss is the best thing you can do. If you are suffering from the loss of a child (or any loved one), whether that child was a baby in the womb, a child grown to adulthood, or anywhere in-between, the best thing for you to do is to talk to someone who will be kind and understanding and who will allow you to vent. You need to vent the anger and hurt that you suffer. It may be the only way you can get through it. Talk to friends, family, spouses, even support groups for people who have suffered the same thing. TALK, TALK, TALK, it is your best hope. And remember, you are not alone!

Perhaps we have finally broken the curse. Perhaps we have not. Perhaps there never was a curse in the first place. But I will always have hope for the future generations and love for all the babies in this world whether they are alive and blossoming or have passed on to bigger and better things.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds

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    • Laura Matkin profile image

      Laura Matkin 5 years ago from Laceys Spring, Alabama

      I lost a baby too. You are so right about the talking about the loss. Many women feel like it's a shameful thing. When I had a miscarriage I was shocked to find out that several people I knew had gone through the same thing. Women should share their stories with each other and not feel ashamed or guilty because of what happened. It's a terrible hurt whether you are only aware of the baby inside you a short time or for 9 months. I can't imagine what you went through. You did a great job with your story, I just can't imagine seeing my baby born lifeless and the kind of heartache that would bring. I am so sorry you and your family had to go through that. My Granny had 2 baby boys stillborn, her mother had one die of SIDS and my Grandma had 1 miscarriage. The knowledge of their loss made me appreciate my first 2 babies even more. I had a miscarriage when the youngest of those two was 7. About a year after the miscarriage I had a son. He had a rough delivery and I had to have a C-section to save him. When I brought him home from the hospital I was scared to let him out of my site, checking his breathing when he was sleeping or better yet having him sleep on me when he took a nap during the day. Over protective is an understatement, he is my angel. I enjoy every second I get to spend with him.

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      I met so many women that had lost their babies and had tried to shut it deep inside and not face it. I felt so bad for them because they would feel the loss deep down and have no relief from the pressure. I am glad to hear that your little ones are growing strong and I know your little angel is the light of your life (as are the others), I am so glad that I tried again (many of those I spoke with didn't want to "suffer" like that again and wouldn't allow themselves to get pregnant. May you always find joy in all of the children around you. :)

    • Laura Matkin profile image

      Laura Matkin 5 years ago from Laceys Spring, Alabama

      Ohhh, Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughtful words. May God bless you and your family too.

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      Laura Matkin, you are very welcome. Blessings, :)

    • Tams R profile image

      Tams R 5 years ago from Missouri

      I can certainly see how you feel there may be a curse. I would lean more towards something genetic but who knows. I have wondered if my family is cursed as well with several infant losses, miscarriages and more. I've endured 14 pregnancies. 3 living preemie babies in all. 9 miscarriages, 1 stillborn and 1 ectopic that ruptured my right fallopian tube.

      Albeit terrible to endure the loss of your baby it is comforting to know you are not alone. When I went through these things I did not have internet access and I dealt the only way I knew how. Suffer in silence for the most part was the motto back then. It seems only now I feel I can truly let it out and start letting go.

      Thanks for sharing your story! I'll pray your "curse" disappears. Beautifully sad poem!

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      I am so sorry for all the losses you have had to endure. I'm glad my story and the internet has helped you to cope. I was forced to cope in silence when my child died and I suffered for many years before I could vent it out into the open without fear. My hopes and thoughts go out to you, Tams R, and I will pray that your curse disappears as well. Thank you for sharing.

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 3 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Oh, Cheryl, my heart breaks for you and the women of your family. My story is similar, I lost 3 babies. Only 1 was old enough to be buried. My first child was born 10 weeks early. I did have one beautiful bouncing, full-term baby, though! And my "preemie" just recently graduated college! I do hope things srtart getting easier for your daughter. Thank you for sharing this!

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 3 years ago from Connecticut

      btrbell, thank you for your kind words. My daughter has not been able to get pregnant for several years now despite trying desperately. I do hope that she will get the baby she desires, yet I can't help but reserve a fearful thought that if she does, she will loose it, again. Glad your situation changed into a wonderful, fulfilling experience. I think mothers who have gone through such heartbreaks tend to love and appreciate their surviving children just a little bit more.

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