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The only thing I'm missing is a cape

Updated on July 29, 2012

There are things that I can do now that I never would have even thought about before, let alone imagined I could do! Like write a blog, chat with a friend on facebook, delegate chores to one of my children, tv going in the background, one child on the phone, two other children arguing a foot and a half away, talking to my brother on my phone and planning dinner. Multi-tasking at it's finest :) But that's not all...I'm tellin ya, when you become a mother, you develop some serious super-human powers!

  • You will be able to sense when your child is doing something they shouldn't be simply by the sound of the silence in the air.
  • You become an expert detective and negotiator. You can instantly tell by just looking at your child when they're fibbing and how to get the truth out of them before they even know they've told you.
  • Stains are now your arch nemesis and you're now an expert in stain science discovery and eradication because you've seen everything from grass and blood stains, to fish bait and transmission fluid.
  • You've now become a toddler translator. For some unknown reason only you can understand words like murps, muk, ahla, vitawitans and maganer. Your toddler can ramble on and on and you keep up with no trouble at all.
  • You now have the gift of a cast iron stomach...once motherhood begins you're no longer bothered by things like vomit, the awful smell of diarrhea, the sight of blood, gaping wounds, little boys gross concoctions or anything else for that matter. Except your husbands feet.
  • And lastly, super strength. You will be able to carry the baby in the carrier, the toddler on your other hip, your purse, the diaper bag, two bags of groceries and the fabulous outfit and shoes you found on sale all without breaking a sweat.

See I told you all was missing was the cape...

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    • profile image

      April W 6 years ago

      This is truth, pure truth! Love it!