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The ramblings of a stay at home mom

Updated on August 31, 2009
Peace Be With Me Child.
Peace Be With Me Child.

The Life of The Domestic Goddess

It is my personal opinion that stay-at-home moms - which I like to call "domestic goddesses" -have the hardest job in the world, but then I tend to be partial since I am one. Don't get me wrong, I love this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week career I've chosen for myself. Nevertheless, this career choice does come along with some heavy responsibilities.

Late to bed, early to rise, in addition to being the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, I've decided to add scholar to my title. Yes, my fellow stay-at-home alumni's, you heard it here first, I've decided to home-school! A little advantageous? Who knows, time will tell.

So along with potty training, daily toddler melt-downs, cleaning crayon marks off the walls, and trying not to break my neck on the millions of toys sprawled over the floor, there's very little time for me to even catch my breath.

Often caught talking to myself, those in passing will undoubtedly hear the phrases, "peace be with me child", or "Lord give me strength", or "Calgon take me away!", fall from my lethargic lips. Definitely not considered a glamorous job, my everyday consist of cleaning runny noses, kissing boo-boos, and keeping my toddlers from screaming and fighting with each other. It's enough to make you want to pull your already disheveled hair out!

No matter. Even with the endless cooking and cleaning, washing and drying, lack of sleep and oh so needed exercise, I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. I was born for this job. - I am Domestic Goddess. Hear me roar!


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    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 6 years ago from Georgia

      Kenya - thanks for stopping by

      justmesuzanne - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree, being a parent is the most important job in the world and if you are so fortuante enough to homeschool then it's a really good option for those who can.

    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

      Being a parent is the most important job in the world, and saving your child from the horrors of public school is incredibly noble! Good on 'ya! :D

    • kenya82783 profile image

      kenya82783 8 years ago

      you go girl