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The secret of the smart mother 'teach' baby know small business from home

Updated on August 7, 2016

Try saying: I have 20 minutes to wash the dishes

Work home - one of the causes of the most controversial in every family. Who is not involved in this thing, okay? Every time you shouted: "Why are not cleaning? "The answer is always" a little while, I do. "

The reason for the children did not like the house, as well as adults only, they said it was a boring and tedious work. The children also took the time to do the things they want, such as playing games, watching television. Most parents said that the house is also the responsibility of the children, the children can also understand that, but they are quite difficult to turn thoughts into actions.

Parents often have to yell to me to do the housework. However there are other ways to children more interested in this job:

Stop the human being remade

Mother really should learn how to stop my fun again. This means that if you do not do housework, I will not be doing anything else. Let's sit down to talk to me and I will be unified view do after completing the task, especially what she's like - it's the way to encourage them to work quickly instead of sitting lectured on means of human cases - one thing very abstract for a child.

Limited time

This is a bad suggestion to the mother's compliance requirements. Try saying: I have 20 minutes to wash the dishes. If she does not complete the task on time, you will have to go to bed earlier than usual. And then yesterday, told me that last night not to repeat again then, her mother did not want to believe that the sooner sleep anymore.

Instead of punishment, the mother can also encourage your child to complete the task within the time prescribed by some gifts such as get up later than 15ph next morning. This will create greater motivation working children


Consider for money

There are conditions, parents can give children pocket money each time work is finished, the kids will do it. This amount depends on employment, completion time and work more efficiently. For example, if more than one parent have to remind you once the work home, an amount will be deducted, such as 5000d. If someone made a replacement, they will also receive replacement funds. This way, she did not control the work that work on human motivation.

Schedule work

Dinner is considered the most appropriate period of time to do housework - even when children are in school. Summer vacation is easier because you do not have to do homework, so the house needs to be completed first before they want to do something else. Sometimes parents wonder if their child should do if the house is not. Interested in using my time is essential. At the same time, parents should also establish the working time of the day fixed for the same work all at once, each one a job, it will not be supposed that simply was time to do housework never mind.

Do not turn the house into a penalty

If you do something wrong, do not punish them by taking away dishwasher. Unless you make a mistake with him (sister / brother) of them and want to replace the home as an expression of sincere apology. It is the only case should apply to home as a punishment.


If the mother wants the baby bear responsibility for their household chores, and coordinate tasks with rewards and bonuses as mentioned above is one way. I can do a job accumulating table, each time you complete the task, she will be an area to be built and five such awards. That's how mother to baby motivational complete their tasks efficiently.

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