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The ups and downs of a Mothers life

Updated on August 5, 2015
Mothers together
Mothers together

Starts from the root, the root of the Mother, from great grand’s to past grand’s and future grandmothers.

Mothers are here, we are aware, Mother’s are everywhere. Mothers will be mothers, they are strong willed, always caring, making changes and going through struggles. No one can understand and no one will recognize, not unless you are a mother, please don’t criticise!

A mother’s love is priceless, a Mother’s love is pure and you can tell a Mother loves her children, I can tell you this for sure!

Mothers adore your child, sometimes that’s all we have, as in the end when Mothers are down, the children are always around. We as Mother’s we shout, we scream, doing the dirty laundry, keeping the house clean, these are our duties as Mother’s on the scene.

We play the role of Mother and Father, for most of us all, we play the bigger daughter. We take on all roles, through multitasking, we get on with it easily just without asking questions about where, when and how can we get help, there is no such thing in our world apart from SELF- HELP!

So when you see a Mother, just greet her with a smile, even if you see them walking down the street or even half a mile. Sometimes Mother’s need this to help them realise that although life is up and down we can still glow with surprise.

© 2015 Melissa Francis


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    • francismel profile image

      Melissa Francis 2 years ago from london

      Thank you Denise, I apologise for the Bold just thought it would stand out more. I am working on another poem at present will share with you soon, follow me for more adventures!

      Take carex

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is a great message! I would like to read more, but I find that the bold and italics are hard on the eyes. These types of fonts are best reserved for headings and emphasis.