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Wonderment of innocence.

Updated on December 29, 2011

Only that moment matters at that moment.

She's standing on dirt I stood on as a little girl, watching my own Daddy.
She's standing on dirt I stood on as a little girl, watching my own Daddy. | Source

The simplest things remain...

Did you ever tap your foot in powdery dry dirt and see it poof up between your toes? I grew up on a farm and often the dry spells would create that powdery dry dirt. Though my father and mother didn't like it so much, it remains one of my most innocent and safe memories from my childhood. I could stand there tapping my foot in that dirt for a very long time.

The most amazing thing was the sweet innocence that lived inside of me then. I lived for that moment without any thought of anything other than scooping the dirt up with my feet for the next purposeful tap and the excitement of watching the dirt rise up into a cloud through my little toes. I had no idea of the big world out there or situations that could become part of my life later on.

I was merely 4 years old at that time, but still remember those moments as though they were yesterday. That wafting dry dirt through my toes is one of my wonderful memories. I often wonder how many others have simple memories to help them get through the rougher times in life.

I am so grateful that little girl has continued to live inside of me my whole life. I call this memory a gift of grace.


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    • inspired2excel profile image

      Skye DeMaria 6 years ago from Midwest

      rochelj - Thank you and it would be nice to hear some of your memories too.

    • rochelj profile image

      rochelj 6 years ago from USA

      It is wonderful to have sweet, innocent memories like these. they can help a person cope later on in life through a method of self hypnosis, where you think back to a relaxing memory and it relaxes you now. thank you for sharing this.