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There is Hope For Kids. What About for Parents?

Updated on January 24, 2012

Can ignorance be solved? If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Things parents would like to tell their teachers

Please don't kill my child's creativity. I am a creative and school was an awful place for me. School is a terrible place for artists. Wait Mom! What about No Child Left Behind? What about “We have to raise test scores?” What about- “There is no money for art and gym in this year’s budget?” What about “The administration says we have to cover 6 pages of math per day? Or else?”

Please give my children less homework. When I come home I don't do work nor should they. See comment one.

Oops- I forgot- Doctors don’t read medical journals at home. Carpenters don’t plan their next job. Yep! You’re right.

Please don't drop my child's grade because I pull them out for vacation, family time. We live life on our time, not yours or your school's. .Tell that to the parents in China, India or Singapore. There’s got to be a complaint in there about why your kid can’t get a job. Oh Yeah, and you forgot the comment about how the schools aren’t challenging your child enough, or teaching enough.

You can't be bothered to come up with interesting assignments on your own, so you grab things off the web. And your Doctor has this attitude when he tells you that you have a rare form of cancer and he can’t be bothered to collaborate with another expert.

My mother never had to go see the principal because a teacher was allowing other kids to yell slurs in class without stopping them; nor because another teacher, an unchecked bipolar, was verbally abusive while kids sat in fear day after day, not even able to tell their parents. When was the last time you watched Fox News? msnbc? The Senate of the United States? Can you say Sarah? Michelle? Barack? Have you heard- “Monkey see? Monkey Do? I know you don’t read the papers.

Now- I could go on, but let’s talk about what kids really need in order to compete in a global world. I’d be happy to provide the educational jargon, but I thought eHow would suffice as it is really home school parent friendly. Ask yourself this question first- “What is the Capital of Bulgaria? Too hard? OK. The capital of Delaware- no fair if you live in Delaware. No fair looking it up on the web!!!!!! Now ask yourself these questions- When was the last time you had to collaborate at work? Solve an interpersonal problem at home? Provide an informed opinion about a topic not of your choosing? Write clearly enough to leave a coherent message?

Read on:

This is what kids need in order to compete in a global economy.

1. Ability to adapt to changes

2. Initiative

3. Communication: Written and Verbal

4. Problem Solving Ability

5. Openness to opinions.

6.Ability to take a task and complete the component parts.

I am happy to cite references if you need them.

All mistakes made by parents were left in as they were written. My ‘mistakes' are there to lend a sense of the voice in the article.

Where did all the factories go?

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