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There one moment . . . gone the next

Updated on April 20, 2015

The Spider Man

William Tyrrell
William Tyrrell | Source

Like a budding flower

I saw on the Weekend Australian Magazine an article entitled “There one moment... gone the next: What happened to William?Three-year-old William was playing with his one-year-older sister outside his grandmother’s house in Kendall, NSW last Sept 12, when he disappeared. He loved the bike he got for his third birthday and his father said that he is fun to be around, with an inquiring mind. His father said that he was “About to blosson.”

His parents immediately called the Police and many have been searching for him since then (Police, family, friends, neighbours, concerned people on foot, bicycle, horseback, Dog Unit, divers, Search helicopters. William Tyrrell’s grandmother’s house is on a dead-end road and behind there is forest and underneath a thick tangle of lantana, a difficult terrain for a 3 year old to navigate.

There was also the case of an 11-year-old boy with autism here in Australia, who disappeared from a camp in Victoria and he was found after 4 or 5 days. He had been all that time alone, without food or water and I thought it was a miracle that he survived, as it had been cold in the evenings. When he was found, all people looking for him were happy that somebody searching for him on a helicopter had seen him from the corner of his eye!

There was also the case of Madeleine McCann, a small British girl, who disappeared in Portugal and that happened about 8 years ago. I was living in Austria at the time and whenever we stopped at a service station on the highway, I always looked around searching for Madeleine.

In Australia there was also the case of Daniel Morcombe, who took a bus on the Sunshine Coast, and disappeared. They caught the person who abducted him and he was tried after 8 years.

The other day I was reading the New York Times book review and I read about this book: God help the child, by Toni Morrison and I also want to ask God to help William, the Spider Man.


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    • sylvia13 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 

      3 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      A few days ago my sister (who lives in Brisbane) told me that Elena, the daughter of our nephew Nicolás had been born on July 31 in Orlando, Fla. Her parents decided to name her Elena, which happens to be my dear grandmother’s name. Neither of her parents ever met my grandmother, as she was buried in Peru, but they just happened to like that name, so we are glad!

      My sister sent us pictures of Elenita and I could also see pictures of her two brothers who live in NYC. There is another small kid, whose name is Teo (my sister Susie’s grandchild) and he lives in Madrid, Spain.

      Seeing pictures of all these kids made me remember a few years ago when Susie had three children, Sonia had one and my brother Ariel also had one. I used to take all my nephews for rides on my small car. Whenever I traveled overseas I also brought presents for them and once I even brought a small bicycle for my nephew Miguel, who was an only child.

      Last September I read about the disappearance of William Tyrrell and I have been following his story since then, as my youngest brother also has the same name and is now 54 but with no children.

      When the Police found the 11 year old I was glad, as that showed that they do find lost people.

      It was heartbreaking to see the Spider Man’s parents appearing on television at the time of his 4th birthday! I was also thinking that he might be approaching the age when he should be starting kindergarten.

      The Police recently found a suitcase with bones and some clothes on it dumped next to a road. After investigating they said they were female clothes, but there was also a quilt inside, so they appealed to those that might have seen it before to communicate with them. Regarding the bones, at first they said they belonged to a 2 to 7 year old. I was just thinking that the two sizes are completely different!

      British Police were also investigating the disappearance of Madelaine a few years in Portugal, even though I consider that is far from Australia. What makes me worry is that the Police are also speaking of a group of pedophiles and they were investigating a washing machine repair man, who had worked for William’s grandmother and he also happened to be one of the suspects, but have not heard anything further about it.


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