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Things & Activities to do With 3 to 4 Year Olds (Boys & Girls)

Updated on November 13, 2013

Indoor and outdoor activity ideas for 3 year old kids!

3 year olds are full of energy and you have to have a whole lot of ideas for activities to keep them occupied.

You'll find lots of ideas for imaginative play, creative thinking, sensory play, ideas for learning and ideas for developing their motion skills all through fun games and activities.

Learning Activities for Your 3 Year Old - Counting and Alphabet

If you remember when you were little you probably didn't have a clue what abc's was when you were 3 but kids today do know their letters and numbers at an early age. The easiest way to teach them is through play and you'll be surprised to see how quickly they will learn it.

Alphabet Activities

Fun and easy way to teach kids the alphabet
Fun and easy way to teach kids the alphabet | Source

I just love the idea of using cars and parking to teach kids alphabet, I think it's one of the more clever ideas out there especially if you have a boy.

The credit for this idea goes to a blogger "I can teach my child" but this is not the only alphabet activity game she's come up with so be sure to check all alphabet game ideas on her site (we've tried out many and they are all great)!

Check All Alphabet Activities On I Can Teach My Child

Number Activities

Lots of games that are great for learning the letters can be applied to when learning the numbers too.

Here are some ideas!

  • Counting Boxes

You probably have a few empty boxes lying around your household so why not give them a good use. Write a number on the box and have your 3 year old fill the box with a matching number of various items (can be balls, toys, all kinds of stuff).

  • Pebble Count

Go for a walk and gather rocks (a fun thing to do with the kid). Write numbers on the rocks - this can be used as a simple math game too.

  • File Folder Games

These are great for learning in general and with the vast variety of them being available online you will never run out of them. Great for teaching all kinds of skills through games.

Cooking With a 3 Year Old

3 and 4 year olds are no strangers to kitchen as most of them want to take matters into their own hands and help you cooking. While most meals are not kid safe to make you will have to be a bit picky when choosing the perfect thing to cook.

Having your kid in the kitchen helping you cook is a fine introduction to teaching them about the importance of healthy nutrition.

Kids Making Cookies
Kids Making Cookies | Source

It's all about getting them involved

They will feel very important if you give them a task to help you out in the kitchen - mixing, adding ingredients, even bringing food from the fridge.

Here are some simple ideas they can do almost on their own.

  • Pizza - pizza is one of the most fun things to cook with a 3 year old, you can have them help you make the dough or just have their fun with toppings.
  • Cookies - simple cookies are easy to make and kids will love using cookie cutters. Use plastic cutters as there's no chance for them to cut themselves
  • Fun Sandwiches - get creative with sandwiches, make fun faces, animals...

Creative Ideas and Crafts for 3 Year Olds

Crafts are fun - both for adults and kids! 3 year olds have enough skills to do some simpler craft projects.

  • Mosaic fun - cut colorful paper to small squares and have the kids make mosaics. If they have already developed enough skills to make something on their own let them, if not you draw the outline of the shape of the mosaic and let them glue on the pieces.
  • Painting with hands - let them get all messy! Color their hands and let them get creative
  • Playing with homemade silly putty - silly putty is great and it's even greater if it's made at home - follow the simple recipe and make your own (recipe)
  • Build a City - use every box you can find in the house and transform them into buildings

Perfect craft for rainy days - Make your own Telescope
Perfect craft for rainy days - Make your own Telescope | Source

Crafts and Learning Activities from Hands on As We Grow

Hands on As We Grow is my number one go to place when searching for inspiration on crafts and activities to do with kids. There's a ton of fun and unique ideas that will entertain your kids as they learn through play. The activity ideas never end!

Hands On As We Grow Preschool Activities

Rainy Days Indoor Activities and Games to do with a 3 Year Old

Rainy days are always a tough cookie as outdoor activities are easier. Still there's plenty of fun things you can do indoors.

  • Build an indoor tent - kids always get the kick out of this, you can set up an actual tent or use a blanket or two and chairs to make their little home
  • Dancing - boys and girls at this age love to dance. Find some catchy kid songs you can easily sing along and you'll all be singing and dancing.


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    • listsnthings profile image

      Anna Christie 

      3 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      I get those toddlers magazines and cbeebies mags which have a lot of arts and crafts in them. These ideas are great especially the cooking. My 3 yr old loves helping me make biscuits!


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