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10 Things I Wish I didn't Include on My Baby Registry

Updated on July 30, 2014
Baby Registry Gift
Baby Registry Gift

The "What Not to" Register for and Buy List for Child

If you're pregnant, know someone pregnant, or just like baby items...congratulations! What an exciting time! As most know, babies require a lot of items that you may not necessarily have laying around the house. Being the thrifty mama I am, I recommend getting as many items as you an through frugal means. That said, family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances will often want to celebrate your new bundle of joy by bringing gifts for your little-one-to-be to a baby shower.

The idea of creating a baby shower will be thrilling to some and frightening to others. Luckily, no matter which camp you are in, there are plenty of boards and resources to help you put together the registry of your dreams. Search the internet for "Baby Registry Checklist" and you will find every conceivable baby item under the sun to potentially buy or receive for your child. Typically, within the first couple of months you will realize that the money spent on some of these items could have been spent elsewhere. Additionally, you want to focus on putting the "right" items on your list to get the "most bang for your buck". This article will focus on some items that you may not need for your baby.

Snap Baby Bodysuit
Snap Baby Bodysuit

Clothing with Snaps

Trust me. As a new parent, you will be changing diapers constantly, which will require removing at least part of baby's outfit. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night after perhaps 1-4 hours of precious sleep to have to blearily complete the steps of a diaper change and then follow it up by concentrating on bringing together tiny snaps along a baby's outfit. I would venture to say that a good 80% of the time, you will get the snaps askew and have to restart the process. After several weeks/months/years of feeling like a zombie due to lack of sleep, that re-snapping project will give you gray hair for sure.

Baby Burp Cloth
Baby Burp Cloth

Standard-Sized Burp Cloths

I hope for your sake that you get a baby that has mild, dainty burps and spit-ups. However, I've been around enough babies to realize that this is generally not the case. Not to mention, if you have a small, stiff burp cloth, it is fairly difficult to keep the cloth positioned over your shoulder. A better bet would be to buy the standard receiving blankets. The blankets can pull double-duty and will cover a much larger part of your clothing.

Bottle Warmer
Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer

The idea behind the bottle warmer is to make the milk a more soothing and comfortable temperature for your baby. While the milk that a baby consumes from their mother is warm, drinking out of a bottle is a separate experience for your baby. Which means that if you introduce a bottle at room temperature, or even refrigerated temperature, that is what your baby will associate with a bottle. Life is hectic enough without worrying about plugging in a bottle warmer or warming up hot water each time you need to feed your baby a bottle.

Wipe Warmer
Wipe Warmer

Wipe Warmer

I find a wipe warmer unnecessary for many of the reasons stated with the bottle warmer. If a baby is not accustomed to their wipes being warmed, they will not require it on a regular basis. Additionally, it is unlikely that you will have a "to go" wipe warmer, which means that they will need to have colder wipes when outside of the home.

Baby Socks
Baby Socks

Baby Socks and Shoes

Sure, baby socks and shoes are ADORABLE, but they are also frustrating. In addition to being an extra step to getting your baby dressed, it is also amazing how often they come off. If I could do it over again, I would buy all one piece (zip up) outfits. Another option is to buy pants with the feet built in. These will save you time and frustration.

Sippy Cup
Sippy Cup

More than One of Each Brand of Pacifiers and Sippy Cups

Surprisingly enough, babies can be very particular about their preferred brand of pacifier and sippy cup. My baby was very partial to certain textures and shapes. This meant that I had dozens of items that I opened and sterilized that were unused by my child. I would recommend trying out one of each brand until you find something that works for your baby. Then, stock up! Better yet, see if you can try a friend's item to see if it is something your baby likes.


Stock of Diapers, Wipes, or Butt Cream in One Brand

Similar to the section above on pacifiers and sippy cups, your child could have sensitivities to certain diaper brands, wipes, or creams. I have had several friends stock up on a supply of a leading diaper brand, only to learn that their baby was allergic to the brand. While my baby does not have any diaper allergies, there is only one brand of diaper cream that works for her. A big trend right now is to have a diaper party/shower where your friends can help build your diaper supply. I would recommend to have one of these parties a month or so AFTER your baby is born to make sure you stock up on the brands that work best for you and your baby.

Baby Toy
Baby Toy

Toys, Especially Teethers

It has been my experience and that of my friends that no babies play with the toys you buy them. They want to play with spices, Tupperware, pots, keys, cookbooks....just about anything that is not specifically for them. This is not to say that you can't buy any baby toys, but I certainly wouldn't put many on your registry. Additionally, toys are one of the easiest things to find at a yard sale. As far as teethers go, I purchased around 10 for my baby who teethes on none of them. If you feel your baby needs a teether, start with one and see if it gets use prior to buying a bunch.

Note: While I do not have many toys for my baby, my favorites are the ones that can clip on to the stroller or car seat. Babies are more likely to play with toys when they don't have options of other household items. Also, they can keep your baby entertained "on the go".

Bumbo Seat
Bumbo Seat

Bumbo Seat

Some mommies love the Bumbo; I do not. The Bumbo seat is designed to help sit your baby up on the floor. It is not safe to put the Bumbo on any other surface. So, if your only need is to have the baby sitting on the floor, it could be useful, but it can not be used in place of a booster seat. If you have pets, sitting the baby on the floor isn't very practical. Another drawback is the weight restriction. Babies with chunkier thighs do not fit in the seat for very long. Additionally, most nursing pillows double to help assist baby with sitting, which meets the same need as the Bumbo.

Diaper Bag
Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

Let's face it, diaper bags are not very attractive. The biggest benefit of the diaper bag is that there are many pockets and can usually be laundered easily. That said, you will soon long for having a stylish purse again. Fortunately, big purses are in fashion. Why not buy an attractive purse with lots of pockets instead? That way, you will enjoy carrying it around and be able to use it even after the baby needs less stuff. Additionally, you will not have to move items back and fort from purse to diaper bag and back when you go out with out your baby or have a ladies night on the town.

Note: If you go the route of a big purse, consider purchasing a changing mat and insulated diaper holder. These are sometimes included with diaper bags and are very handy to have "on the go" with baby.

Create a Wonderful Baby Registry

I hope that this list of "stuff not to include" helps you create your ideal baby registry. Please comment below with items you wish you had included or items that you are glad you didn't include. Thanks and good luck!


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    • thefedorows profile image


      4 years ago from the Midwest

      Thank you for sharing your helpful perspective on what "not" to include! Pinning this to save for later!

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      4 years ago from Taos, NM

      What a great hub that is realistic and practical. Now, I know what NOT to buy for baby showers. Thanks for an interesting and informative hub. Voted up+


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