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Things My Children Taught Me

Updated on January 14, 2010

Kids as Teachers

I must admit that I have learned far more from my kids that I possibly could have taught them. Here are just a few for example:

1. When kids are outside and there is a lot of screaming, it means they are playing. When it quiets suddenly, it is time to investigate.

2. If you leave two or more small children alone in a room for 30 seconds, you will return to a magnificent, anonymous, wall fresco (made entirely of crayon). No adult has yet to discover its origins; it just magically appears on walls in this manner.

3. Never underestimate the intelligence of a child. They sometimes appear incompetent so you will not ask them to do that particular task again.

4. The refrigerator door is nothing short of a shrine. Please respect it and keep it that way.

5. Kids are very spontaneous. (How else can you explain a peanut butter sandwich stuck in a VCR?)

6. A secure bedroom door lock is mandatory, as a child will always start pounding on it at most inopportune time.

7. There are many kinds of mysterious illnesses that only happen on weekdays. That is just a fact of life.

8. Kids will expand your vocabulary. It is fine for them to utter words that you have never heard before. It is not OK, the other way around.

9. Many times a child’s first haircut will be self-inflicted.

10. When number 9 happens, there is very little you can do about it, so it is OK to laugh.


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    • Art 4 Life profile image

      Art 4 Life 8 years ago from in the middle of nowhere....

      Great hub...very funny and sadly true!! Welcome to the hub, I havent been here very long either...I am a fan! I'll be back!