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Things You Shouldn't Waste Time Stressing Over as a Parent

Updated on February 9, 2015

What Isn't Worth Stressing About When It Comes To Parenting

I know as a parent, there are a multitude of things to stress over. I am not going to lie but sometimes it feels that stress is an ever-present part of my parenting life. But over time I have found somethings that are simply just not worth getting bent out of shape about. Here are a few of the things I have come to realize to just let slide.

1. Having Fast Food Isn't The End of The World

After a crazy day of working and running after my boys I refuse to let guilt cause me to stress when I pull into McDonald's. Occasionally having fast food as a meal isn't the end of the world, I promise you. By no means does this make you a terrible parent. What is basically boils down to is that you are a parent whose evening is just too damn busy to prep and cook dinner. As long as your child is getting a nutritious diet the majority of the time, the occasional happy meal will not kill them. Not only does this relieve stress off you but your children will think you are the coolest parent by treating them to a meal that comes with a toy, I know my oldest son thinks I am awesome when he gets a happy meal.

2. Just Say No

I know first hand that it is easy to get wrapped up in wanting to keep my children happy. However, sometimes I just need to say no and frankly my kids need to hear that sometimes so they understand that they can't always get what they want. I feel that it's important for them to learn boundaries. Granted saying "no" and enforcing this word is in way fun, especially when the tantrums start, it's actually good for them in the long run for their development.

3. Daycare is not the devil

Being a parent means doing what you have to do, and sometimes that means sending your children to daycare so you can go to work. It isn't worth the time or energy stressing out about this. If you've done your research on daycare facilities in your area to make sure the one you choose meets high standards then mark this off your stress list. Please relax and enjoy the day ahead of you; more times than not your child is enjoying their day playing with other kids.

4. Terrible Toddler Tantrums

As unbelievably frustrating as it to deal with the tantrum, the tantrum will somehow inevitably happen. This is by no means a reflection of your parenting; its simply a reflection of the age of the child. It is totally normal for two and three year old children to freak out, majority of the time over nothing. It's a good time to figure out some techniques to help cope with them effectively but don't allow this to keep you stressed. It's simply a stage of childhood, I promise you all children throw tantrums.

5. Children will have different tastes than you

This in no way should surprise you but when you realize that they are becoming there own person it definitely is a shock to the system. It is perfectly normal for your children to have different tastes than you. This will usually begin around the start of the middle school years. This is usually when your child starts becoming more vocal about their likes and dislikes, plus at this age they frankly don't want your advice on certain things. Just simply pick your battles, as long as its not a danger to themselves or others then by all means allow them to express themselves, even if that means through what they chose to wear.

6. Unsolicited motherly advice

No matter what your mother (at least in my case) will offer you advice. Sometimes that advice isn't what you agree with there is no stopping it, you are just going to hear it anyway. Be respectful and listen to what she has to say, but in the end you're the mother of your child. You in the end make the decisions when it comes to what is best for your child. As frustrating as this is please don't let this cause you to stress out so bad you start ripping your hair out.

7. The Occasional Bad Grade

Everyone including myself want my children to excel in school. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Always encourage your child to do their best but as you know no one is perfect and the occasional bad grade will happen. Frankly, there are just some subjects in school that are more difficult than others and lets be honest your child will come across a subject that they just have a hard time grasping. Don't shame them and don't blow the bad grade out of proportion because hell you aren't perfect and I am almost positive you brought home a bad grade every now and then. Simply offer assistance and follow it up with positive reinforcement and encouragement.

These are just a couple of things that aren't worth stressing out about as a parent. Trust me as they grow older there will be a ton of other things that will stress you but don't sweat the small stuff because that's all it is, just small stuff.


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