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Thinking of home day care business. Think Again

Updated on August 8, 2011

Before You invest in a Home Day Care Please Read

Considering a home based day care business? Beware.Years ago I had a successful home day care. I was so successful I had built a waiting list of 52 people. But that was then and this is now.

Our State of New York has become so over regulated this home business may not be worth your time and financial investment. When I had my day care the first thing that took place was a home inspection and a fire inspection. Now, this is often the last step leaving many people hanging last minute. This program was once ran by the county. Today state regs keep changing. Did you know there are 17 steps to changing a diaper? Yet, it is clean to change a baby on the floor. Yet, it is not illegal to have a gun in a family day care home. Figure that out!

NYS requires classes for family day care no matter how much education you have. No one has start up money yet, the regs tally up start up costs. have to take and pay for classes, and purchase hundreds of dollrs worth of equiptment. Changes to your home could cost you thousands of dollars. You may find out too late that many others in your community are providing child care as well. You could possibly end up with no children after all you investment. Many people are out of work.

My advice is this. Never refinance your home for this or take out a second mortgage. No what you are getting in to. The state will be sending people to your home constantly. Often, one department requires this, then another worker tells you the opposite. Women in this business are increasing more frustrated with the system. No fireplaces are allowed. Also, no circuliar stairs. Last, make sure you have room size requirements, and a area for a special sick child room. And most of all really look into this before becoming involved.


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