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This one is mine...

Updated on June 14, 2009

From the beginning.

Recently, three of my interests had the opportunity to come together. They are history, family and writing. I developed an interest in writing about the history of my family. Unfortunately, the three interests did not develop at the same time. When I had access to history, I really was not interested in family and could not write much. When I gained an interest in family, I really had no access to history, and could not write very well. Then, finally, when I developed a talent for writing, I no longer had access to history, and only sporadic contact with family. I did not let that stop me. Undaunted, I decided to research family history on my own.

First, I tried to re-establish familial connections in order to tap that resource, but that did not work. When I got information, it was usually spotty at best, and could not be verified. I would get widely differing stories from different family members, if I got anything at all. What’s the truth? I do not know.

Second, I tried to use the internet to access information. I found some information, but even that was difficult to verify. I went as far as to travel by car to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah because I heard the Mormons had the best ancestral archives in the country. I found nothing more there than I found at home on my own computers. I did, however, have a nice trip that included a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Third, I just let the whole idea drop. After all, what was the use? I suppose I could come up with some kind of pieced together family tree, but what would it mean? I would know some names, but very little of the history. That was not what I wanted. I wanted to know about my family. I wanted to know what they did, what they liked, and how they lived. The task seemed impossible.

Finally, it occurred to me that there is at least one person I know plenty about and I decided to write about that guy. That person is me. It also occurred to me that others in the future might get the same urge as I and encounter the same obstacles. Now, if I wrote what I know from my point of view, at least future generations will have something, anything to find. It may or may not be the truth, but it is my truth and the way I see it. If others disagree or disapprove, let them write their own stories. This one is mine.

Sometimes, time travel occurs in strange machines.


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