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We lived to tell about it. Why? Car Seats

Updated on June 19, 2015

Back-end damage

Front-end damage to my truck


"Hydroplaning Accidents also called aquaplaning or planing are caused when a driver loses steering control because a layer of water on the roadway prevents direct contact between the tires and the road surface. The resulting loss of friction causes the vehicle to lose braking, steering and power to the wheels causing a complete loss of control by the driver." -

How my kid's car seats were put to the test

Driving with my two young children during a terrible rain storm from Texas to Louisiana during 2013's Thanksgiving holidays, about halfway to our destination my truck hydroplaned and completely flipped over into the median.

As soon as I came to my senses, I immediately turned to the backseat to check on my 2-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son who were very upset and crying, but by the grace of God appeared to be uninjured. My son did say his head hit the interior of the truck's roof and then he threw up and my daughter had a small scratch under her eye. Almost immediately about five passer-byers stopped to check on us. Even more amazing is the fact that out of those five people, three of those just happened to be some type of medical personnel and were able to medically check out my kids and I.

Since the weather was so terrible it did take a little longer than normal for the ambulance to arrive (maybe about 45 minutes from time of the accident). The ambulance personnel checked all of us out again and then moved each one of my kids in their car seats into the ambulance. Each was kept in their car seat and restrained onto a stretcher. Since my son did hit his head, he had to wear a neck brace until the doctor at the hospital could evaluate him.

Once we arrived at the hospital my kids were immediately seen by the doctor and both were medically cleared. I knew that those car seats my kids were secured into and my seat belt as well SAVED OUR LIVES. I shutter when I think what could've happened had we not been vigilant about wearing seat belts and using car seats.

She lived

Chloe Celina
Chloe Celina

Tips on Driving During Storms

Thousands of Americans die each year in weather related wrecks, according to the Federal Highway Administration. With bad weather coming our way, we have some tips to make sure you are safe on the roads.

1. Slow down, even if the rain has stopped, wet roads mean slick roads.

2. Only 2 inches of water can make your vehicle hydroplane.

3. Turn on your headlights. Many states require drivers to keep their headlights on if the windshield wipers are on.

4. Make sure you car is prepared for the conditions (check your battery, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, wipers, headlights, and tires.

5. Use caution near intersections. Never assume that because you have the green light or the right of way that the intersection will be clear — always scan ahead to spot potential hazards.

6. Stay in one lane as much as possible — avoid unnecessary lane changes (don't go zipping in and out of traffic, passing people, etc.).

7. Keep two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road at all times.

He lived

Drew Ellis
Drew Ellis

Weather-Related Accident Statistics

  • 1,561,430 weather-related accidents are reported annually.

  • 673,000 of those result in injuries per year.

  • 7,400 of weather-related accidents result in fatalities per year.


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