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Thoughts on Motherhood

Updated on May 14, 2020
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Marwa is a mother of two. Becoming a mother has taught her a lot about what is important in life.

Becoming a mother has certainly changed a lot for me. Besides the bodily changes, newfound love and huge responsibilities, it has absolutely changed the way I think. And no matter how much you try to prepare yourself and read about this incredible journey it is nothing close to the real thing.


Motherhood is a humbling experience. It shows you how really weak and really strong we are as humans. Some of your traits are really tested in the process. If you consider yourself patient, you will find out for sure. If you consider yourself selfless, that too shall be tested. At times you will be amazed by your abilities. At other times, you will be equally astonished by your weakness and immaturity.

A mother is a fighter. In addition to her inner conflicts between putting who and which first, every day is a new challenge. And like a lioness defending her cubs, she will do what it takes to protect her loved ones from any harm even if it were coming from the closest kin.

As a mother...

You learn to compromise

If your life motto was ‘take it or leave it’, it’s time to change! Meeting others in the middle becomes a life trait. You learn to accept less than you ask for and give in more than you were willing to.

You learn to prioritise

Your life is no longer your own. God has given you a blessing and you become responsible for it. You may miss out on many things you had previously done but, you do so deliberately at all times keeping your eye on ‘the greater good’.

You learn to lead

Strangers in this daunting world, you are your children’s model for what’s right or wrong. From their early days, they learn to closely observe your facial expressions your body language and the tone of your voice to figure out how to act. I’ve seen mothers stop some of their own bad habits so that they wouldn’t influence their kids. I try to do so as well.

You learn to empathise

You learn to see through your children’s eyes. You become a kid once again and think deeply about how frightening the first day of school might seem and how fun a silly game once was.


You learn to let go

You are not in control. Your children--who you once so lovingly held in your arms will grow and set off on their own paths. And even though you thought, or hoped, you could protect them from anything in the world, they will soon grow up and face life's challenges independently. No matter how much you try to influence them, they shall have a mind of their own. It is not your responsibility to control them but only to guide, support and pray for the best.

I have come to appreciate all that my mother has gone through to bring me up. Though I cannot feel her struggle, I can now relate to it. I understand the compromises she made so that I could become who I am today. I owe my deepest respect to all mothers out there struggling to do their best each and every day.

© 2018 Marwa S


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