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Three Educational Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Updated on December 9, 2009

Cooking with kids is a parents dream to be able to due. I know that as a little girl I would stand in the kitchen and try to help my mom out with the cooking as best as I possibly could, but normally ended up getting in the way. However, that time that I had as a child cooking with my mom or watching her cook put a great love for cooking in my heart. Now that I have children of my own though I have discovered the many educational benefits of cooking with kids and thought I would share some of them with all of you.

The first educational benefit that I have found from cooking with kids is that since cooking normally involves measurement of some type they start to learn about the various measurements that are in use which helps them out in math and other subjects that require measurement. Not only are they helped in learning the measurements of the various items it also helps teach them about sizes that are involved in measurement for instance your children will learn exactly what one cup is when compared to two cups of milk.

The second educational benefit is that my kids have an easier time learning about time. Now I am sure that if you cook anything at all then you realize that you have to have some form of time management to ensure that the meal will be done at the proper time and that the food isn't going to be overcooked. So this will help your kids learn how to tell the time for the timing of the food so that they do not burn their own food.

The third educational benefit of cooking with kids is that they will start to gain self confidence in what they are able to do. Now this is very important because at times kids can be influenced just like adults into a lower confidence level, but if your kids succeed in the kitchen at helping you cook or cooking themselves then they can gain confidence that they are able to complete the tasks that are put before them.

While many people do not realize that educational benefits are available while cooking with kids I know that from my own experience and cooking with my own kids that many educational benefits do exist. Not only can you find some great educational benefits from cooking with kids you can also learn more about your kids and hopefully that can help you head off any behavioral problems that could come up or help them in trusting you so that if they do have problems they can come to you instead of getting in trouble.

Share Your Kids Cooking Experiences

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    • Sarahredhead profile image

      Sarah Jackson 7 years ago from Southern United States

      Great hub! I have enjoyed sharing the cooking experience in the kitchen with each of my kids from the time they were about two years old. All three love to cook and can now make some meals by themselves. May this hub inspire other parents to invite their children into the kitchen.

    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 8 years ago from Ohio

      Merriweather it is a great thing seeing your kids cook! I know from experience, but I just wish they were better mess picker uppers as well! lol.

      BK, thank you for the kind words! Yes it is important to remember that we are hear to teach our kids! In fact in my own experience with my daughter who is home schooled and her education actually is higher and better than what she would get in a school and that is from parents that I go to church with telling us that and wishing they had time to do the home schooling with there children.

    • Merriweather profile image

      Merriweather 8 years ago

      My older kids (almost 10 and 7) are actually quite helpful in the kitchen, and I think that's because I've let them "help" all along. My 3 year-old tries, and I know she's really benefitting from seeing the work and caring that goes into cooking for a family of 6. I'm determined that my kids, particularly my sons, will learn to cook so they can be self-sufficient! Great hub!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      All so true! I loved the time I spent with my mother in the kitchen.

      And what can be better than teaching children about nutrition - perhaps they won't be so easily tricked into eating all the empty calorie garbage we call food - that's being being fed to them.

      Food is everything!

      How great it would be if we remember that we are here to teach our children not be their servants.

      Thanks for this hub!