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Through the Generations

Updated on December 6, 2015

Employment, Experience or Education

Generation gaps hit many aspects of every day life, such as EMPLOYMENT. The older generation, such as my father, worries that the younger generation, such as his grandson, doesn't work hard enough or doesn't appreciate all of the work and sacrifice of others. However, like I have stated to my father, now, most parents PUSH education to further children's goals versus basic experience, which is all my father really had. (He lived on a farm in Canada. He had enough education to go through proper channels to get a work visa and started working in this country at 17, after he learned the trade of drywall hanging, from his older brother. He had enough education to start reading newspapers and magazines to teach himself the English language.) Don't get me wrong, determination and hard work go a long way. It still does. Determination and showing up is half the battle.

However, my 21 year old son did not receive much actual working experience through high school (unless you count volunteer work, which in most cases does count), but he took Honors and AP classes in high school and graduated #8 out of 199 students in 2012. For his first two years of college, he lived in a dorm. In the summer-fall of 2014, he moved into his own apartment with a couple roommates, and he must now work, as well as go to school, to pay his part of the rent, and other expenses, which from what I hear is what my son's college does nowadays. (Not really sure if this is something a majority of the Universities are doing now? Which I think is quite a benefit. Students can see how it was before them, when students had to concentrate on going to school and a part time job. Some had to concentrate on so much more than that status quo.) Gone are the days when parents allow the children to concentrate solely on their education (high school). In the fall of 2015, he will be a senior in college. Graduating in Spring 2016!!!

Despite the generation gaps, my father and I have the same hope, that my son is able to find work when the time comes. Because it took me moving from one state to another for me to find work, after graduating with my bachelors. My father only had an 8th grade Canadian education, in which he tacked on quite a bit of experience. I had a high school diploma, a business trade school diploma, lots of volunteer experience and now a bachelors in social work. To now FINALLY finding work!!

As parents, did we do the child justice or cripple him from bettering himself? He appears to be active in his community. He has a plan as to what he wants to do with his accounting degree. He is forming his own network. (Something I did not have much of at my son's age. Probably for many reasons that I won't list here.) A parents job is to help create the opening of their child's path into the world. Look at their strengths, and see what they want to do with them. Education starts with the parents. I would place scenarios in front of my children, and ask them, what do you think the best plan of action is? Because I do not plan on living forever. They will do it on their own, right or wrong.


Health and Well being

The other generation worries that the other generation, are not as active as they should be, to take care of their HEALTH and WELL BEING, where weight, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease are now an issue. While watching what you eat and trying to stay active are always a plus. Most times you have a family health history issue working against you. (A family member of mine had issues with their weight all throughout their life. They went through Weight Watchers and went from 204 lbs to 140 lbs. Now, my guess is, they have an underactive thyroid because their weight was always up and down for most of their life.) In some cases, gastro bypass surgery may be the only answer for some people's health, due to their family history of obesity.

Or, in my case, with seizures, I must avoid climbing and/or unprotected heights (always hated roller coaster rides), heavy equipment use, or vehicle operation of any kind (good thing I NEVER worked a forklift) or seizure causing activities such as alcohol, dietary issues (sucks being a woman when you have to actually avoid being on a diet), bright or flickering lights.

However, things, such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can be prevented, if one has the real determination to be healthy. Most of the people that I know say they smoke cigarettes and/or drink because of stress. I, actually, prefer to write or read. Or, although, I have not been back to it since moving back in 2013, doing volunteer work isn't just for your own health and well being, but the health and well being of the community as well. Choose a favorite charity to assist. It is quite beneficial.



The older generation hoped it was just a fashion phase, when youngsters thought it was fashionable to show your butt crack? Really? Thankfully my son had more respect for himself than that and he never fell into this phase. However, my youngest brother still seems to think it is cool to show your boxers. I have had some clients that, apparently, feel the same way. All I can say is, "ewww. Please cover it up. We REALLY do NOT want to see THAT in the work place."


Unless you were in the military and bringing a bride home from another country. That was one thing.

However, now, online dating can even have Americans marrying someone from another country. I have had experience with my own legal immigrant (my father), but he took care of his work visas on his own, but we heard about the process. He was working in the states way before he even met my mother. Now, my own brother met his wife through someone from work, on Skype. He got a fiancée petition and moved her to America, where they had just so many days (I think 60 to 90 days) to get married, or she would be sent back. They are now married with baby #1 being almost a year old.

The internet has brought countries just that much closer. However, in some instances, people use it to tear this world apart. (France) This is very disappointing. How something so helpful to our educated people can now help people destroy this world is quite sickening. Some educated person needs to help make this not so accessible to be done to our world.


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