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Time Management with Children

Updated on September 17, 2013
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Bernadyn is a writer, blogger, and social media influencer. She's written for various publications while writing for her own blog.

Time is Priceless

Kids grow up too fast and there is no price tag on time.  Treat it like the special gift it is.
Kids grow up too fast and there is no price tag on time. Treat it like the special gift it is. | Source

A Time Machine Does Not Exist

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

strikes the merciless


Stop playing around, why are you not listening to me? I told you, I don't have time for this! We're running out of time, we're going to be late! Hurry up, you are taking too long!

Does that sound like your parents rushing you off to school or is that you yelling like a broken record?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many books and movies about going back in time? The allure is obvious and the fascination with returning to days past is not a new concept. I am sure each of us has wished at one point in our lives that we could turn back the hands of time even for one day, an hour or one minute. The craving to hold onto something for a second longer exists within us all.

Clutching on to time for parents is a big deal. We yearn to relive that first smile, hear that baby laugh or maybe desire to change a certain situation or action from yesterday. It is all a beautiful day dream.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a time machine does not exist that can suck you back into the past.

Time Can Not Be Returned or Exchanged

On the other hand, there are times we wish to return to the past not to re-live the memory but to erase it. Maybe you want to erase all those times you lost your patience with your children because you were too busy to take a minute to stop what you were doing and give them attention. How I wish I could take those back! Sadly, that is not possible.

We become so absorbed in what we think is important at the time that we do not stop to take in the moments that are most precious. To children, attention from parents, the full-undivided-I'm-all-yours-and-my-cell-is-no-where-near-me type of attention is what they want because time to them is ticking away, too. They learn quick that parents leave for work, that they need to get to school on time, that bedtime is inevitable and that there is a schedule for everything.

When do you make time to enjoy the simple moments with them? Is that penciled in your schedule or placed on the back burner until you have done everything else first? One day, kids will stop asking you to play with them or read to them and may want you no where near them! That is one of my fears.

As my daughter's birthday is flying around the corner this month, the guilt of not always making the most of my time with her and my son is catching up to me. We do the best we can as parents with our busy schedules and we need to remember that spending quality time with our kids is something that can not be replaced.

Squeeze out every ounce of juice you can with the time you have left with your babies!

Tips to Make Time for Your Kids Daily and Weekly

You have responsibilities other than your children, of course, so you can not neglect those either but children need to know that they deserve their parents' time, too. They need to be the first on that list more often than not. They should know without a doubt that you want to make time for them.

The table below offers some suggestions for things you can do together every day and weekly or on the weekends to spend time with your kids. The bottom line is to be certain that your kids are aware of how important it is to make time for them, verbally and through your actions.

Tips to Show Your Kids Your Time Together is a Priority

Tips for Daily Activities
Weekly/Weekend Activities
More Ideas
Eat meals together
Go to the park
Be positive, not negative when addressing time with kids.
Talk about each other's day during dinner, before bed or on the car ride home
Go to the library or bookstore
Do not say, "We don't have time."
Cook or prepare meals together
Go to story time together which is offered at most libraries or bookstores
Do say, "We can do that when we return."
Do chores together
Visit a new place or attend different events
Make a calender or write on the calendar when you plan on sharing activities together
Play games or other small activites
Make a routine to have breakfast, lunch or dinner somewhere special
Avoid having cell phones, tablets and computers around when spending time with kids
Read together
Have a picnic
Do not constantly check the time when spending time together
Pray together
Share a hobby, sport or outdoor activity
Tell your kids your time with them is important

Let Your Kids Know Your Time With them is Important

At an early age, kids learn about the concept of time even if they can not yet tell time. They observe you constantly bustling about, rushing them out the door or telling them to give you a minute when they want your attention. Sometimes, you do not always say it in the nicest ways.

"I don't have time for this" or "Don't bother me right now."

Children may easily misinterpret that as, "I don't have time for you" or "You are a bother to me."

That is not how you intend it to sound but actions speak louder than words. I know I feel guilty whenever I snap at my kids when it comes to beating the clock so I want to make more of an effort to proactively find ways to show my kids I want to make time for them.

It is not always easy to make things work and no one is perfect but I believe if you make it a routine to do certain activities together, it will become a habit that is hard to break!

Time Is Ticking Away

My son's first day of Kindergarten.
My son's first day of Kindergarten. | Source

Time Management is Key

The battle with time will never cease to exist. You can buy material gifts but there is no price tag for time. You can not buy more of it. Spend your time wisely and treasure it with your kids.

Time managements is key when you have a family, particularly one with young, impresssionable children. As parents, it is important to show our children that they are worthy of our time. When they grow into busy teenagers and adults, hopefully they will think we are are worthy of their time, too!

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  • BNadyn profile image

    Bernadyn 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

    Hi kidscrafts, thank you for reading and visiting my blog! Yes, it's hard letting them go especially right now because they still cry, too. I'm learning to let go from my experiences with my son so hopefully, it will be easier with my daughter. She seems like she is more in a hurry anyway to go off since she's looking up to her big brother. You're right, as parents, we're growing, too. Thanks for commenting and have a great day. :)

  • kidscrafts profile image

    kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

    Great hub, BNadyn! I love your pictures!

    I also went to visit you blog.... it's very beautiful! I read "B is for... Beginnings and Bittersweet Endings" when you dropped your son to his classroom. I could feel your anxiety. It's hard to let them cry on one hand but they have to grow as well .... as we do too ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!